• all the format updates are done!! i hope i didn't miss any cards
    it was quite some work, but it's finally done!

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    • Thank you so much for all your work! We really appreciate it, I hope you didn't strain your hands too much. (Hopes it's okay to reply despite this being on your wall)

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    • no problem and don't worry, they are fine :)
      (yeah, it's ok to reply~)
      is there something else like this that should be done? if there is, maybe i can help out

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    • Hm, I'm not really sure. There's technically always more to do, but there's so much it's hard to analyze, aha. If you mean specifically format updates, there are the scout categories (previous ones were all code, but newer ones use this template), but they're less important than card pags in the grand scheme of things, if important at all. ^^; I don't intend to force you to do anything (especially when you've already done so much), so that is merely one thing I can think of. I'm afraid I may be forgetting anything else that would fall in that category. 

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    • i see, i will be stitching a lot of idol roads for uploads next and then i will look into that
      i don't feel forced at all, don't worry, if anything else comes to mind that you would like to be done before scout categories, let me know :)

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