• Akari! I haven't seen you around on chat lately, so I decided to take a visit~

    How are you?

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    • Yooo Kazu!!! Ahh thanks >/////< I've been busy with school entrance tests, so I can't stay up too late when everyone is on XDD I'll be back soon once everything is settled!! Sorry I'll catch up with you guys soon!! ;w;

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    • Ah! Np np, good luck! ^^

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      • poke poke* Are you still alive? :O
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    • yes i am!!! now that school has started i dont come to wikia very often 8'DDD

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    • How nice 8D Jokes aside, aww Dx

      We didn't talk this whole summer QoQ

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    • In our school system over here, we don't have summer break! Schools start again in July XDDD but yea haven;t talked to you in quite a while ;A; how have you been!!

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    • I'm fine as always ^^

      Maybe we can chat this weekend, haha :D

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    • You are back *O*

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    • yea!! XDD i'm still trying to see what changes have been made and i'll see what else i can add to the wikia. but for the time being i'll try to update card images so it won't have the HappyElements text 8'DD

      Is there anything urgent that needs help? :O

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    • Yaaaaay! Hopefully we can chat sometimes XD Whenever you have time xD

      Thank you, thank you xD

      There's nothing urgent, so just take your time :D

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    • Ah Kazu! Do you think we can create a page or section for Only Your Stars? (it's such a good song aaaa) I'm able to provide the full lyrics! Unless you guys dont mind my inaccurate translations, I'll leave the English translation to someone more skilled though >.<

      And i can probably contribute a bit to the merch page... *looks at my Debut Book, 2D STAR vol.2 , CDs, novels...* i can make summaries of some things that goes on in them? :O

      Uhhh I'm pretty updated on their different merchendise character goods as well BUT Is it even neccessary in this wikia *sweats*

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    • Of course! ^^

      I was always thinking of adding the OST album to the wiki so that sounds nice :D

      I've added a page to the navibar for it Ensemble Stars OST, I was thinking the layout could be like the other CDs (Since it's only one song with lyrics in that album). What do you think? ^^

      Full lyrics and roughly translated lyrics are welcome too, someone will update with a more accurate version if needed (if you don't mind of course) :D

      Waaah, you got all of the books I missed out on ;w; it would be nice if you could make a page for them and just stuff in all info you can find :D You can make links through the merchandise page or tag it with "merchandise" or something similar to that :O (If it's not too much work! Don't overwork xD)

      Any information is nice :D I'm aiming for a wiki that has everything in it ^^

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    • ok! i'll start working on it! i can get the tracks and kanji up now but the rest will need some time >.< yea of course idm! i would feel more at ease if someone would update a more accurate translation 8'DDD

      Alright! I'll start compiling info from them and if i need help with linking and taging pages i'll have to trouble you ;w;

      (Btw i've noticed that you're also making a B-pro wikia?!? :OO)

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    • No worries! Just take your time XD

      I'm looking forward to it *O*

      Okay! I'm always here to help ^^

      (Ah, yes! But there isn't much out about it now, and it's not very known which is why it's so empty ;w;)

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    • I also made a new infobox for the OST album :O

      Infobox OST Album  (just removed the unit section) ^^

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    • oh that's neat, i'll change it now!

      (yea that's true! idk why they've released so much merchandise when their first CDs arent even out yet and fans dont really know much of their personalities atm w)

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    • Hehe ^^

      (They're aiming for another multimedia project, I hope it goes well for them, the designer is the same as UtaPri too, so maybe xD)

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    • Kazu! Can you delete these two images?: and

      I accidentally uploaded the jpg versions instead OTL Sorry for the trouble!

      (Their CD was just released yesterday! i'm excited to see what they release next~~ still too early to decide on what oshii though :O)

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    • Deleted! ^^

      No worries about it :D

      So many things, so little money! ;w;

      Are you getting a daki cover? XD

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    • Thanks! ^o^

      Yea!!! it's ok, at least there isnt any bonus i particular like this time... i'll see which unit i'll root for 8D

      For ansuta? Nope! ><

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      • nod* :D

      I see, if only it was Yuzuru XD

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    • .... i really hope there wont be one... my wallet is dying from the other merchandise already X__X

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    • Have you ordered a lot of the upcoming items? ;w;

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    • Kinda... i got the novels, half of the CDs and had to look to auction for stuff they don't sell online (proxy services are expensive, i cant keep doing this OTL). And now they're teasing Unit CDs round.2... ahhh....

      (weak laughs this is why Im quite well-informed about their merchandise series, but idk if this kind of information right for this place;;;;)

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    • That's a whole bunch of stuffs o.o Unit CD round 2? My wallet TwT

      Do you follow any other games? (ES is probably taking all your money, but I still wonder xD)

      (All info is nice ^^)

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    • They mentioned that they'll consider another round of CDs if the first round does well! (but look at where the CDs were on the oricon chart... is this not well enough wwww) 

      Umm idol-wise, Ainana is the next series I love alot! But luckily I won't be able to buy in-game stuff cause it's too troublesome on an iPhone ;w;(CDs and products are another matter *looks up at sky*) I follow Tsukiuta but only for one character(Koi) haha! Tsukipro is too big a pool, i'm afraid to dip any further in _(:3 」∠)_

      (ok! i'll continue to work on that then, once i'm done with setting up the voice list base for the rest!)

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    • That is more than well enough XD Which means the second wave will be coming and our wallets will be suffering xD

      Oooh! That's nice xD Saving up money will sounds impossible right now xD Oh god, Tsukipro have so many units o_o How is your wallet doing? ;w;

      (Hehe ^o^ take a break now and then :D Remember to not overwork!

      Also take a visit to chat sometimes ^o^)

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    • Thank you for making the card pages ;w;

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    • No problem!!! Thank you for all your hard work in updating this wiki! ^o^bbb

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    • Hehe, no problem! I'm doing my best! But right now I'm still feeling so hyped I can't concentrate >o<

      Your gacha luck seems to have improved? ^^

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    • Same!!! uuuu i hope i'll be free during tmrrw's event start time /o\

      Yea slightly! This is after... a few 10 pulls.... 8')))

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    • Yaaay! That's nice! ^o^

      I hope Chii-chan is points, or else I'm going to die ;A;

      Hahaha, that sounds good and bad at the same time xD

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    • i have a feeling he is pts!!! he had alr been ranking in the prev two events when he was a *5 and *4, so i hope they're not that mean to set him as ranking prize always? 8'DDDD

      Bad luck follows me everwhere so... i'll have to accept it ;w;

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    • That's good! ;w; Poooints~ Let the good man be points! XD

      Nooo, don't say that! I'm sure it will improve >w< You can do it! Break through the bad to find the good :3

      I know you'll be going for Tori~ So good luck ^^

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    • my biggest wish is that they'll make both cards be pts ;w; (impossible though....) 

      I hope it would improve too!! Yea i guess i should be positive to attract better energy too 8') 

      Thank you!!! All the best to you too!! *w*bbb

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    • Hehe ;w; Hopefully Tori's rankings aren't that bad!!

      You're always positive so~ x3

      Thank you too >w<

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