• Hey for the tutorial I noticed you updated the pictures there!

    I just wanted to check with you as judging from you pictures you don't have to delete your account to reroll for a starter anymore?? :O

    It's been ages since I last did the tutorial so I'm guessing with the anniversary update they changed that??

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    • Yep! I'm not sure when it was changed, but I noticed it while making new accs for the free anniversary rolls so that's likely?

      The button says "もう1回" and gives you another random starter card from the unit that you picked, but it let me reroll like 10 times out of curiosity, so I don't think there's any limit... You can just keep doing it til you get the card you want ww

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    • Whoaaa how convenient! (HE did something right for once haha...)

      Thanks for the quick reply~

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    • A FANDOM user
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