• I was adding some renders to Hajime's gallery and ended up fiddling with the page's format a little.  Is it okay to put it like that with scout and event renders separate?  I didn't put 'em in exact chronological order yet, but I thought since there's getting to be a lot of cards maybe it'd be easier to keep organized like that owo

    Also, I wasn't sure, but for cards that are wider than how they get cut off on win screens, should the cut off win screen version be added to the gallery, or the full width version?  cause I know the trimmed ones are easier to use as dialogue renders, but full is full, so I wasn't sure how to add / what to name them.  I tossed both kinds up for Sky-Colored Bubbles in case you wanna delete one or the other!

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    • Omgosh, im so sorry for responding latefjaiw;oefhaweg (( It'd be easier to dm on twitter or something, since im not as active on wiki anymore ))

      I originally had them organized as 3star art -> 4star art -> 5star art, tho i guess that kinda became a hassle to organize each time, but yeah it seems fine that way /)

      For the trimmed versians, i always left them out, unless they were the only renders we had of them.  Trimmed i usually named as something like "Hajime Shino Valentiens Apron Dialogue Render.png" but i left any alone if there weren't used in the stories as well.

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