• So I was going through the images page in case someone uploaded stuff that's on the available contributions page but forgot to remove it from the list (as usual) and noticed a few files with the wrong filenames. Do I just link them all here and edit the pages they appear in when you've renamed the images or can I just go ahead and edit the pages now?

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    • I think it'll be easiest to link all the photos you're planning on changing here, and then i can go and rename them from there.  It shouldn't be much of a problem now if you start editing the pages, as long as you ahve the photos linked here.

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    • It seems Emuy renamed the more important ones already. These are a little less important I guess but for consistency's sake: 1). pretty much all the Dream Travel chapter images, 2). this (my fault rip) and 3). this. While I'm at it, is there like a set format for renders? I saw quite a bit of variation for it (different word order, etc.) so I'm not sure what I should use for my future uploads.

      Thank you!

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    • Ah sorry for the late reply, i fixed both of the images.

      for renders, i usually did something like "(Something something) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render" and "(Something something) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed" if they were like not being used in the story pages.  Otherwise, i name them things like "Chiaki Morisawa Something Dialogue Render" if they're used in the story, just to make editing easier in there

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