• Given recent events, there was something I wanted to clear up.

    When a page that doesn't belong on the wiki appears, what's the proper course of action? Is it to blank it (as I have done recently), or something else?

    Thanks for the help you provide to the wiki.

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    • iaweg;hewih

      if the pages haven't disappeared soon enough, just link them to one of the admins like me, and we'll delete themm.  

      i might end up giving you active people content mod status, so it'll be easier for you guys to help out fwaeiogh;awoieh

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    • i just changed your user rights for it, so now you have the ability to delete pages and the cool stuff woohoo /) /) /)

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    • Woo \o/ \o/ \o/


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    • A FANDOM user
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