• Hi! I've been browsing around the wiki for a while now and I noticed most of the renders/transparent idols card images are from you.

    I'm assuming you're going through the game's data files in order to extract them and I'm curious about what programs you're using? I've been trying to do the same for a while now (I'm a hyper-perfectionist so getting HQ pictures is the best thing that could happen to me lol)

    If you don't mind telling me of course! I also noticed a lot of dialogue renders are missing and I'd love to be able to add them and contribute to the wiki. Since I'm going through the event stories, it'll be like proofreading and taking care of the missing renders.

    Thanks for the help! 

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    • I actually made them all by screenshotting the win screens of each of the characters individually and creating transparencies out of them.  I've always wanted to know how to extract them, but that area is too complicated for me, so rip orz

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    • Ah I see.

      I've actually looked into mining some files from the game itself but it seems they've foolproofed the game's files, or I just need better skills / programs since I'm using a shitty-ass bluestacks but anyway

      Thanks for replying! If I have anything to contribute I'll definitely add it! 

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    • yeah, no problem /)  I always used this site to edit them:

      Other than that, i'm sorry i wasn't able to help as much.

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