• Are there any plans to close comments for this wiki or anything? Or at least...make it so that only people who are logged in can comment? It just seems like too much work for the mods to moderate everyone commenting with such a big fandom, and already it seems like pretty much every character's page has either a lot of fighting or rude comments or really sexual comments..

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    • Making it so that only registered users can comment is an available option for us, and i do understand why you want to have these closed, but leaving it open for anyone does help a lot of people, who comment asking for help on the games or etc. 

      I believe it would be best to just leave it as is for now, until a "major problem" pops up among the wikia contributors.

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    • I've actually been noticing people making those sorts of comments for a while, but the main reason I actually asked was because I've noticed people in both the JP and KR fandoms making fun of the wiki's more ridiculous comments, and between this and the people making sexual comments in the enstars eng chatroom in-game...I'm a little bit worried about contributing to the whole image of the ENG fandom being people who have no restraint about making those kinds of comments anywhere.

      That said, I understand completely why you don't want to turn off comments in case there are people who need help with in-game stuff...I do hope it doesn't get worse.

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    • Honestly, when it comes to the Eng fandom, it's always been done for, but i understand wanting to make the place look more respectable.  

      One of us has taken up the job of clearing out the character comments.  There'll probably be an announcement set up soon as well regarding this.  The option for preventing unregistered users from commenting will still be put on hold.

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    • Yeah, I understand...Though, thank you for your hard work though in maintaining the wiki, and good luck clearing the comments. I hope at least with that people will understand and maybe calm down on the spam a little bit..

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