• Since you said you know a lot about the official merch for the game, do you know if there is a use for the plastic CD cover thingies they are giving out right now for every 1,000 yen you spend on AnSta merch at Animate? They all have barcodes on them, so I'm not sure. I think maybe you need to collect all the Units to make something happen...or maybe they're just strange collectibles. 

    Sorry this is pretty random but... -shrugs-

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    • The barcode is probably for just them to scan before giving them out? For the staff to keep track of the amount being issued I guess, cause I remember them doing the same for some of my free stuff last time... They're printed plastic cards in the shape and design of a CD, but it makes fans of unit(s) happy when you line them all up tght? 8'D

      Nah it's fine!! I'm always happy to talk about ansuta~

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    • Hmm I don't think they scanned them though...I wish I had asked at the counter but I was kind of in a rush and Ikebukuro is a bit out of the way, so the promotion will probably end by the time I go back lol. Well I got Ryuseitai's so that's all that matters. ;P 

      Ok then another question xD, do you know about the pins based off of the in-game chibi sprites? I see them advertised occasionally and it said they would be released in December but I didn't see any preorder slips or any boxes of them lying I was wondering if they were out yet...

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    • ohh!! you're in Japan right now!! that's great! (go to HappyEle's booth at FuyuComi.....  /looks wistfully at the specials) according to their site the CD gift should be available in every animate, you can try asking the one nearest to your place? and congrats on getting the one you wanted! *w*b

      are you refering to the one by Ensky? According to animate it's scheduled to be released on 30st dec! it was announced quite a while back, i think in Sept? but the preorders should still be up on their site!

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    • Yeah I live here! On and off, lol. :0000 I totally need to find their booth. I'm pretty bad at navigating Komiket tho...

      Oh thanks! Hmm 30th of December. I'll have to decide whether I want to preorder a box or hope to find the characters I want in Akiba or something. :') (Thirst is real though)

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    • Ah, I see!! OwO All the best with planning your route if you do end up going!! Im sure it'll be quite an experience~~ but probably a negative one for your wallet /o\

      Ryuuseitai would be upper tier pricing? i feel that the price on auctions for them are comparable to Undead's..... if you can, why not try finding group splits/trades online? :O (and same...... i want the whole of yumenosaki....)

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    • My friend and I figured out the gameplan last night lol. Apparently they are planning for a big crowd at Happy Elements (not suprised) but I couldn't find info on what sort of exclusives they're gonna have... (a calendar I think?). Will go to sell my soul anyways lol.

      I've actually been curious about which Units attract the most attention? You would say Undead is the most popular? I am trying desparately hard to drag more of my friends into AnStar but many of them don't know any Japanese so it's hard for them ; ^; / (still my mission in life). I'll dig around though >,> <,< >,> <,<;

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    • (same, whenever it's ansuta related, the limited goods is always sold out within hours on the day of release..... *war flashbacks to first day of ichiban cafe*). They listed their lineup for ansuta(as well as their other games) for FuyuComi on their site here!: my personal highlight would be the HappyEle Illustration Vol.1 tokuten..... *wipes drool off the floor*

      Knights would be the most popular actually! Followed by Undead and Ryuuseitai. the popularity of the members of a unit differs quite a bit though! I'm judging this based on their merchandise auctions, and the prices for Knights unit goods are always very scary;;;; Ah i totally understand the feeling, there's not many people here too who are willing to play Ansuta due to the heavy content. >< However, i think people will be interested in the anime though, since they can find subs 8'D (but there's so much more content even after the main story..... weeps into hands)

      Try twitter? I get flooded with trade or sale tweets on my TL. 8'D If you have a chance to go to the Animate Cafe collab, there'll be guests displaying their items obtained from the blindpacks on the table for trading with other guests. Sometimes at events, you can even trade with others on the spot! i remember they had a small hall for people to trade their goods obtained at AGF, which is really cool imo.

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    • My friend who is also going for some limited exclusives (different booth though) and I will probably head over to Big Site tonight to stake out. :') So maybe I have a chance! And thanks for the link! You really do know all the merch lol. ;P If there's an illustration book I will /have/ to get it * 0* 

      I could see that...the Knights merch was already sold out in a few days at Animate.....the Knights are my second favorite group.......but everyone in this game is so precious. ; ^; /// I like story-heavy things so that's probably what attracted me to Enstar! It's so easy to fall in love and want. to. know. more. I'm so hopeful for the anime.......actually though I was thinking to provide some translations of Producer Course events to make it easier for people to play the game (anything to get more people to play). I don't *think* that has been tackled by someone yet. I'm not sure how to go about posting them though...

      I'll have to try that, then. They were doing another Enstar event in Ikebukuro but I was too shy to join in. //// Hopefully I will be more successful at making friends tonight. ^ ^

      Thank you for all your help!

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    • uwah!!! Hope you guys will have fun!! 8DDD sobs I wish i didnt know all of their goods though SEE NO EVIL /o\ (btw, regarding the pins, they were released yesterday! saw quite a number of tweets about it already....)

      Yea.... it's always bloodshed when it come to Knights merchandise.... /distant look. I feel the same about everyone too!! I came into the game being totally uninterested in more than half of them, but their stories are very interesting and/or sweet, it's hard to hate anyone~~ I'm sad when a unit or character I like is terribly unpopular and people may have some misconceptions about them (but i feel it's bc of the way scout stories are obtained? If someone already doesn't like the character they wouldn't be interested in the event scout, and they only get added into the normal scout pool about a month later 8'D)

      Producer course translations would help people a lot!! i think there's already tables set up on every page, something like this?: You'll have to go to the classic editor to input it though >< i hope i can help translate too, but i'll have to put 1000 disclaimers that there is a 90% chance of inaccuracy, i've been getting very self-concious recently when the story titles I translated are different from others;;;;

      All the best!!! Those events look really fun, just go for it!! XDDD And you're welcome~

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    • I was able to -breakdownand- order the second set with Ryuseitai! But the first set with Knights and Trickstar were already out of preorders.......but I really want them now so regrets LMAO -will track them down somehow someway- -reallyneedIzumiMakoto-

      I FEEL YOU SO HARD I have been successful in converting more and more of my friends -aka never shutting up about Anstar till they break down and download LOL- and almost all of them have fallen in love with the Knights. I can't blame them! I also love the Knights! But I love everyone so I don't think you should only pay attention to Ritsu (/_;). As for me just listening to all their unique ways of speaking and poking them in the classroom helped me to fall in love with more boys haha. And then reading all the stories I NEED MORE TRANSLATIONS DAMNIT my deepest regret in life is not playing this game from the beginning or I would have been able to see everyone's character development. ; ^; /// -prays for translations and anime-

      I kind of got carried away with the recent event (TOPHATS) so I have had little freetime haha. I tried to go for Arashi card but I realize that my team at the moment is probably not capable of handling the higher ranking Lives without me spending more Diamonds than my life. So I will concentrate on getting a strong team until there's an event I will kill other fans for LOL (I love Arashi but not enough to die for...). I did the New Years scout to this end and got my first 5 star card though I was so happy to welcome him home..... = y=

      But I think now I will work on translations! I found the Producer course page so I will slowly try and add some things in (hopefully without breaking the coding lmao). I haven't translated things for other people very much, so I'm also not that confident. Also everyone has such a unique sense of speech......But if it's in small doses, I think I could do it! -Anything to spread Anstar to the world- People with no working knowledge of Japanese will surely just be happy to have some basis to work off of, right? ;;;; Until we get an official English release -cough hacks-

      I had a really crazy time at Komiket and despite being one of the first people in I got lost and ended up lapping the entire convention with these other fans I met in line trying to find the Happy Elements booth line (they hid it in the corner then never told anyone where it was lmao) so we were really nervous but WE ALL GOT OUR MERCH also I met fellow fans in line and was able to share my love for Anstar so I was so very moved ~ ~ ~ 

      Sorry for ranting!! But I could probably talk about Anstar forever I haven't been this obsessed with a fandom in some time ; ^: //

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    • i checked Animate and they still have stock on their site, you can check them out? OwO not sure what's the situation there myself though >< Have you seen the 1st live Capsule badges?? they look so sooo shiny and pretty~~ For Ryuuseitai, Chiaki and Midori are in the 1st live set! Izumi, Makoto and Yuzuru would be in the 3rd live so you may wanna keep a look out for that set too(i know i am....) I FEEL LIKE I'M AN ENABLER, I KEEP PROVIDING YOU WITH INFO TO SPEND YOUR MONEY!!! OTL OTL Tell me if i should stop I'LL HOLD MY MERCH FEELS BACK!!

      That's great to hear!! More ppl to share the love with ohoho~~ KNIGHTS IS TOO OP!!! i'm not looking forward to the next Knights ranking event... i have a bad feeling it may even hit 5mil for Ritsu;;;; Right??!?? their little differences in way of speaking is so charming... but then it's kinda challenging to convert them smoothly to another language /looks at puka and his hiragana talk, that's impossible /o\. i've screenshot and sent Kenkamatsuri and Agent to friends so far 8'DD (i'm a really big lover of Akira-sensei's stories... my personal favorites are all his stories, esp when it comes to seitokai ;w;), idm sharing them with you! (i can't share it publicly though, since they made a post about public uploads some time in July... so if you're interested, let me know how i can contact you privately!)

      Ah yes... this.. event... was... heartbreak............. Not sure how far your progress into the story is but i'll hold back my tears for now!! I hope you're getting enough rest though ;A; Ansuta events are really killers and they're almost back to back;;; If you foresee yourself following this series for long, i suggest buying the novels for the *4 cards to help! it's a good way to strengthen your team, someone even did a calculation and said that it costs ~50 daiyas for a guaranteed *4 (and you can even read the story XD). Congrats!!! that's such a cute subaru, with a really neat BG to go with the season~~ Hoping that Arashi would drop for you!! >w<

      Official english would help boost number of eng players a lot!!!(i do know there's an official Chinese version, so the probability may not be too far out!!! 8))) ) Everyone starts from somewhere, i'm sure you'll do fine! XD All the best for the translations!! *w*bbb

      UWAAAAA OMEEEEE!!!! i heard that it got sold out pretty fast(but then Merc's stuff sold out even earlier??!? HappyEle is doing everything right.), glad that you guys managed to get them in time and had fun!! XDDD

      You dont need to apologize!!! I think i've typed a WOT here too OTL Same!! it's such a huge world to explore, and not even half of the underlying history has been revealed yet, it's gonna be one hell of a fandom to be in 8'DDD

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    • Oh yes I remember the day those badges came out at Animate, I was there! There were all these people swarming and I had already dumped a bunch of money selling my soul to RYUSEITAI so I told myself NO YOU DONT NEED THAT MIDORI BADGE N--O. Uuu Izumi, Makoto, and Yuzuru all in one set....heheheheheheh. I try and deny it but secretly I must keep feeding the shrine. >,> It's good to have someone in the know I mean, yes, please keep telling me how to spend my money haha. I'm already a walking Anstars advertisement. 

      The ranking in this game seems to be a bloodbath no matter what. Well, I'm not so up to date on who the most popular characters are, but I wouldn't have expected the current event to be bloodbath and yet already there's people with ridiculous amounts of points, how? Maybe it's the beautiful costumes haha (I love Meiji / Taishou Era). I really need to collect all the story pieces at least though cause Chiaki - Tetora - Kuro = Recipe for heartbreak. :) I haven't been keeping so dedicated to this one though cause of finals -whoops- BUT AAH NO THE THIEF EVENT I RUSHED THROUGH THE STORY CAUSE I WAS THIRSTY FOR LIVES BUT I DIDN'T PAY MUCH ATTENTION---- I'll go back and try and make sense of it after finals. :') (And yes please send them to me......I can give you my e-mail or something........somehow......still a Wikia newb lol......). 

      I've been looking for the novels to get nice Yuzuru and Hokke cards lol but I haven't tracked them down yet. Surely the next time I go to Animate......I think reading them might be a huge challenge for me though, I'm a very slowly reader if there's no furigana @,@. Translating is the best Japanese practice though; fun and practical! But it is really hard with all their little quirks; I'm not like a master translator or anything so just will try my best. Puka Puka has the weirdest quirk I think.......where does that even come from? What does it mean? Why--? I just love his Puka Puka tho haha.

      Oh yeah, how on Earth do the BG work? I have unlocked some but no ideas what to do with them haha. I've tried every menu....where did they go? Even now there's still things I don't understand about this game.

      There's so many things I still don't know about the story, too.......Damnit why did I keep telling myself "Oh, another idol game such shameless consumerism no need to sell my soul to such a thing--" NO THEY'RE PRECIOUS AND THE STORY IS GREAT -sobbing- I'm very happy to be here in this Hell and will drag everyone with me, hahaha. I started putting up some translations as they come up while I play, but over break I feel like I can be more useful. I haven't checked if there is a place for the Panda event but I also got all the translations for that (It was really cute--- recently I have been opening my heart more to the rab*its), if I can figure out where they go if they're not up already. :)

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    • at least those gachapon badges are relatively cheaper than the rest though, if you still feel bad about buying so much 8'DDDD walking advertisment.... Do you already have an ansuta ita-bag 8'))) /pats u. gdi Ansuta merchendising team *shake fist* I feel that they've been announcing more new goods series just a month before they launch, so I'm one of those ppl who are expecting them to air the anime in Spring season, hence all these rushing.... /o\ and the main story would nicely coincide with the spring season too!

      Despite involving Leo, the pts need for ranking now are lower than what many ppl expected!! Probably because the rest of Knights aren't involved, so there's no complete set for the whole Knights to get i guess;;;; I feel that Knights are popular for their unit image, meanwhile Undead's unit image isnt as strong as Knights' but their individual fanbase is very strong!(/looks at Rei....) I feel that the Top 10 poll done last year is slightly out of date, but Ritsu probably still reigns at no.1 though. 8'D

      sammeee!!! i've been staring at Eichi's outfit for the longest time, how nice would it look on yuzuru the rest too!! *clenches heart* THE KAITOU TANTEI'S STORY WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!! OK it starts off cute and sweet, but then near the end.... that's where it'll rip your heart to shreds with Wataru's backstory 8')))) Any story written by Akira-sensei is bound to give you some feels cause he does drop some hints about their backstory and I feel his writing brings out more of their true personalities, i feel 8'D (not saying Yuki-sensei isn't good, her stories are really fun to read too!). And  yea email is fine! i'm not very active here either, I scream my feelings on social media 8'DDD (i do wish there'll be a community formed somewhere though, sometimes i have news or interesting points to share but idk where to put them in the eng comm?? /starts dumping stuff to fun and games forum)

      There's furigana for the novels, but only for the harder words! Puka's quirk is the hardest to bring out... what is the hiragana equivalent in english;;;;

      For BGs, just go to the character's student page, there's the yellow 着せ替え button! Click on it and at the side of the new menu, there's a 背景section. Your unlocked BGs are there! then after choosing one, remember to click the 変更する to set it!

      YES!!!! i signed up for cute idol boys, not suffering!!! A lot of them fought and had(or is still having) their own struggles, which what i feel makes ansuta really engaging and you keep playing to know more!! Hmm, at the moment, no one knows anything about the previous war involving Eichi's previous unit and the 5-Oddballs yet, and tbh I can only see a journey of pain down that alley.... what's covered is the progress of Trickstar winning the DDD(the Main story) and everything else after that! I'm not ready for it I'M NEVER READY!!

      i think the translations for the Tantan event story are done! should be here under the tantan page: the lesson events aren't though! ><

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    • Aaah at last school is over I can fully sell my soul to the idol boys haha ha :) And maybe I can be actually helpful with translations. I did some for this other game for my friend, and it ended up matching other people's translations, so I feel slightly more confident. Looks like my Panda ones also were okay. Maybe I can do this!

      Already I'm wondering if it's possible for me to attempt the Valentine's event. Hokuto and Makoto's cards look so nice.......but it's probably impossible because I'll be on vacation for half of it. I should suck it up and say goodbye... (Though I have a lot of good cards thanks to blessed luck on Scouting now heheh -knocks on wood-). I've also been saving up my sports bottles from the last event.

      So maybe. 

      But yess I am a walking Anstar Advertisement lol. Actually I found a few fans at my school thanks to using that bag covered in pins everywhere and now I feel blessed. I broke down and got all the pin set and endless Ryuseitai I can order from Animate directly to my house my world will never be the same.......... -cries for wallet- -cries for overpriced merch-

      Tomorrow I will go get the novels hopefully then get beautiful Yuzuru card finally ; ^; /

      I also get the impression that Knights are most popular overall...but Sakuma siblings rule this game, lol. Thankfully I am somewhat more ambivalent towards them so I'll never have to compete against the throngs of thirst. (For this reason alone I'm satisfied Ryuseitai isn't more popualr though it hurts I have no one to fangirl to lol). Knights have such lovely heart belongs to Izumi and Arashi and Tsukasa is so precious...Ritsu and Leo are also cute. Aaaaa sasdfasd

      I WISH THE ANIME WOULD COME IN SPRING but April is already going to be such a good season...and I feel like they would have announced already if so? Maybe. I can wait as long as they need to make an amazing show that can somehow cover the story while showing everyone's amazing personalities and struggles.....cause that's what really makes this game for me, the detail put into every character and their shared hardships and overcoming things and uuuuu it's woven together so much more carefully than other idol games. Maybe cause there's no rythm game part all they have is the story haha. Though I'm sure as soon as the anime airs it's gonna explode in the West (so long as they take their time and make it legit). That will really be the catalyst for so much......

      What I really pray is that the stage show will come before I leave Japan or I will really be heartbroken. SO HEARTBROKEN.

      Once I get back from my vacation I can start thoroughly reading through things, all the translations, all the untranslated stories I have...maybe add some things. I'm such a wiki newb though I only joined for this site haha. 

      Maybe I can send you my email through social media, then...? (I feel weird putting it on the wiki ;;). My accounts have just become a dumping ground for idol boys feels my friends are so done with me lmao (but they have no choice but to suffer until they play....). I really want to cosplay it so badly...(as soon as I can sew again ; ^; ) apparently there was a Judgement Tsukasa cosplayer at an American event my friends are at this weekend--- I couldn't believe it. Slowly Anstar shall take over the world. >:)

      I really wanna know about Wataru's story cause his involvement is a huge ??? question for me, since I can't tell why he is on the dick squad with Eichi. He feels like such a troll (poor Mashiro LOL). So I really need to check out the Theif event when I get a chance. :000 

      As predicted from the little I skimmed there was Chiaki x Tetora pain in the last one. >_0 Though I got really lazy on that event cause of finals (school really kill me all January I wanted to die). I only played enough to gather all the story pieces. Also all the beautiful 3 star cards. Really curious who we'll get in the Valentines event (assuming Subaru, Arashi, and Adonis?). 

      Even with your blessed help I still couldn't find the BGs //fail OH WAIT NO I JUST GOT IT--- There's two buttons in the clothing section I completely missed that. やった!!

      Oh nooo that's so cool........but now I see even more lovely things I've missed out on haha. Ah, well. I look forward to a bright and moneyless future with this game. :')

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