• Hey, do you think you could screenshot the police story for me to translate?  I wanna do it.  I wanna do, do, do it.  I do.  Wanna do it.  ♪

    There is a stupid dance that goes with this song.  I'm doing it right now.  ♪

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    • Yea sure!! how would you want me to send you the images? :O email or by a DL?

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    • .... What's a DL? :D

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    • Download (link) ^^

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    • Ohhh... now I feel silly!  Yeah, that would be perfect if you could put them into a download link!

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    • i've uploaded it to google drive!:

      all 5 chapters are in the RAR~

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    • Holy moly, that was fast!  Well I guess I know what I'm translating this week!

      My (semi secret) goal will be to finish by Sunday/Monday this week... But I'm not sure on that yet, till I review all the images.

      I'm so exciteddddddddddddddddddd.  Arghasdklfjasdklfjawsl.

      Thank you!!

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    • Looks like the download of the images is complete and went okay!  Thanks!  

      Wow these are organized, this is great.  

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    • No problem!! *w*bbb i didnt resize the images in case you wanted to view them as high quality as possible, but let me know if i should resize it so you can download it faster next time! XD Chiaki was really amusing as always wwww

      oh i probably should have mentioned this earlier, but the story name i use is Anzu! (she's such a great MC imo ;w;)

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    • Haha, yes, I saw that you use the name Anzu.  She's a sweet girl isn't she... I'm excited to see her face in the anime, haha.... although it would be funny if they managed never to show it, too.

      Full size images are good.  I'm sure I will come across some text somewhere where the kanji have so many strokes I need to zoom in to see what they are, so it's useful to have the full size thanks. XD

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    • i really hope they would show her face.... seeing a shadow for her face woud make me and a lot of Anzu-fans cry /o\ 

      Alright, noted! And thanks for the hard work! >w<b Is there any story you'd like the screenshots for in the near future btw? I may be a bit busy due to the holiday season so i can compile them for you first! 8D

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    • Hmm, how do you feel about... Pirates??  I probably wouldn't start it until January (because I think the christmas event, if it's really christmas-y, I'll want to try to translate contemporaneously if I can... wouldn't it be cool to have the whole script out by Christmas day??).

      And I also asked SakumaRitsu for the King's Horseback Ride, which is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong script (18 chapters).  Not sure if I will finish King's and Police and one (or maybe both) of the Christmas stories this month.  It's quite a bit! 

      So with that in mind, take your time screenshotting if you like.  I certainly have a good load of raws incoming for the next month.

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    • Yea sure! It has 15 chapters, i'll probably split them into two parts for you to DL. I hope you're not tiring yourself out for translating so much and with competing in the ongoing events!! I'm pretty sure a lot of ppl are alr grateful for all your input ;w;bb

      Considering it's HE... they usually have quite a bit in store for their games during these seasons, so most probably so? 8'D

      Yea judgement's pretty long but it'll be fun!! (and you may actually wish it was longer at the end.... o<-< actually tbh i wish all the stories were longer //shot) 

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    • Om nom nom, Police is indeed going up today.  Two more chapters to do....

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    • Police is done!!  Whoops, cancel that on Pirates though... a translation has already been completed, looks like!

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    • お疲れ様でした!(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و

      Oh!!! I see!! hmm do you want the screenshots to read it in the orginal japanese? I have up till the 6th chapter saved atm, but idm ss-ing the rest XD (or if you just want the CGs, that's fine too XDD)

      sorry for the late reply, my heart is being destroyed by Agents OTL

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    • I would happily take the ones you've already done, but you don't have to do the rest... I only found out about the other translation last night so yeah. T___T;  I'm sorry about that unnecessary work..

      Awww... I was hoping for Keito (I don't even like Keito much... but that card is...).... but I got Mao who I love!  So I'm very happy with that!

      For now, my list is:

      1. Next event story

      2. Synopses for the main story

      3. King's Horseback Ride

      It looks like the same person is getting or has gotten the sports festival, Kenka Fes, and did get Hero Show (awww yeahhh!).  Also Deep Sea Mystery, Mismatched Pair, and character stories for Leo and Chiaki.  And they'll be getting the agent scout it seems.  Their translations are really very, very good, so I'm happy

      I'm sure I'll pick up more contemporaneous stuff (I love Japanese new years, so if we get a new years story, Imma do it, almost for sure...) soon, so I don't have anything more I want to add to my list at the moment.

      That's still probably a month and a half of task though.  @__@

      Thank you for helping me out with the Police raws!!

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