• just a note, for event cards it's just event name, the category should only be there for scouts

    thank you for all your help!

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    • ohh!!! thank you for explaining!!1 yea i was wondering why didnt it link;;;;;

      problem!! And thank you for managing the wikia!! it must be a lot of work o<-<

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    • I don't do as much as people think actually... I'm pretty lazy when it comes to wiki stuff, otherwise I'd update a lot more. But I try! Thank you for contributing a lot too, it's extremely helpful to have plenty of contributors help...

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    • i still think you're doing quite a lot for the wikia though!! ;w;bbb Do you need help with updating the game guide? I feel the Beginner's guide is terribily outdated now (it's been 6months since then?!?!), i still have the files so i can update it OwO/

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    • Yeahh I really need to update it, Ren and I are working on it (Though I'm pretty lazy about writing my part...)

      If you can write sections that I can add it'd be helpful, though I'll get it done eventually

      Otherwise, I do have something else I need. If you still have the 1 star cards could you take screenshots of their victory screens? Some characters don't have the render for it so we have missing images in story pages, I'd do it myself but I stored all but one of them in the album and I can't get them again...

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    • what sections need more explanations/writing?

      i can access my computer now so i can prob update the sch map and some other screenshots soon!

      sure! it's the (character name) School Dialogue Render right?

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    • well currently everything since i haven't even started

      this is what we have so far but it's just the settings, nothing's written yet

      and yes, that's it. if you upload it as .jpg or .png check to see if the stories with it are accurate 

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    • Ah i see!! i'll fill up the info in the beginner's guide first for now if i have anything! cause idk where else to put it /o\

      Alright! OwObbb

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    • A FANDOM user
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