Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
The Flag's Honor * Flower Festival Refuge - 1
Location: Practice Room
Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render


Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Excuse me! Kanzaki Souma has arrived! ♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Whoa— ... Try to handle the door a little more elegantly, would you? With your damn strength, you'd break it.

I've ruined a bunch of doors here and there before and had to pay for reimbursement, unfortunately.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Hm? Your advice is much obliged! But I have a reason... ah, no! Trying to make an excuse for myself is not at all honourable! Allow me to apologize — I am very sorry!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Hey now, you totally look like you're gonna start committin' seppuku or something... Don't worry, it's not somethin' you need to apologize for. Men shouldn't lower their heads so easily like that, 'kay?

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Yes! Your words always have such deep meaning, Kiryuu-dono! That's Akatsuki's second-in-command for you... ☆

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Haha, there's nobody else above me, after all. I'm just working as Hasumi's assistant 'cause I have to.

... Hm? Uh, what're you holding in your arms?

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Ah, this is transfer student-dono! I have brought her along with me as she is in the same kurasu as I!

It seems like transfer student-dono is involved in this Furawaa Fesu as well!

It seemed our destinations were one and the same, so I carried her here in my arms from our classroom! ♪

I acknowledge that touching a lady so frivolously is rather rude of me, but carrying her would make the journey much quicker...

... I-it really was discourteous of me, wasn't it!?

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Nah, that ain't the problem here. You gotta be more gentle when treatin' girls, alright? Look at little miss transfer student — her eyes are spinnin'.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Oohh, I thought she was acting strangely quiet! I'm such a thoughtless person!

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Yeah, well, as long as you pull yourself together when you're on the stage...

Heeyy, little miss? Are you okay? You alive?

Good, you're awake. Mornin'. You've been through a disaster, huh? You feelin' alright?

Hey, Kanzaki. Put her down on the floor. Slowly and gently.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Understood! Now then, transfer student-dono! I shall lower you down on the floor slowly and gently... ♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Hmm... y'know, you always carry out whatever you're told to do perfectly, but...

Can't you do anything without somebody tellin' you what to do? You should try to think and decide things usin' your own head.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Yes! I shall do my best! I can do anything if I put my mind to it! ♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Well, at least your responses are always top notch. Jeez, I feel like I'm babysittin' or something.

But whatever. Little miss... Sorry for having you show up 'n all after gettin' jolted around by the Kanzaki roller coaster, but...

It doesn't look like there's gonna be much work for a producer today.

Yeah. You heard about the details of Flower Fes from Hasumi, right?

Well, to put it roughly... we're gonna put on a performance on the stage in the downtown plaza with the liveliness of a whole festival.

It's a simple job, really — nothin' too special 'bout it. To us, we're just doin' our usual performance that we've always been doin'.

I'm still preparing something special for our outfits, though. To Akatsuki, you could call this somethin' like a warm up in preparation for the upcomin' S1...

Just a lukewarm prelude to the real deal.

It ain't like we're gonna fight with some other unit, after all. What d'ya call it, pre-established harmony? Anyway, our "usual" work will suffice for this.

'course, it's not like we're gonna cut corners or anything.

But, yeah... For Akatsuki, we ain't got nothing for a producer to do.

Just stay prepared for any unexpected situations, and be on alert. Your job's to watch over everyone.

... I've borrowed this practice room for the time being. I'm plannin' on sewing the outfits we're gonna wear in Flower Fes today.

... You have somethin' you wanna make too, don't cha? Wanna work with me?

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Hm? Transfer student-dono, are you working on something at the moment? Now that I think about it, you have been doing some needlework in the classroom lately...

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Yeah, she's makin' some outfits. I give her some pointers when she's goin' through some rough parts.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Aha, you are very good at sewing after all, Kiryuu-dono! Being a purodusaa must be difficult — do you have to work on such things as well?

I see, I see! Splendid! I will be cheering you on! ♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

You keep workin' on your lessons. I'll be joinin' you once I'm finished with these costumes.

For now, I'll start playin' the songs we're gonna use for Flower Fes. If there's anything you don't get, feel free to ask me — that goes for Kanzaki as well as you, little miss.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Understood! It really does give me the peace of mind when Kiryuu-dono is here! I expect nothing less than the backbone of Akatsuki! ♪

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Haha, don't rely on me too much, alright?

Hey, little miss. C'mere. How far have you gotten on those outfits of yours? Ooh, you've worked hard... impressive ♪

... Hasumi's fightin' hard right now. Both Flower Fes and S1 are within the student council's division, after all.

He hasn't really raised up any juniors yet either, so he has to do everything by himself.

I don't think he'd be poppin' up for practice until the very end, so you don't need to worry about him watchin' you work on costumes here.

... So it's fine for you to work here, 'kay?

Yeah, I've got my own obligations too — this is all the support I'm gonna do for you.

I have great expectations for you guys, but in the end, I'm someone on the side of Akatsuki... of the student council.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Are you having a private conversation, Kiryuu-dono, transfer student-dono? Am I the "odd man out" here?

Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render

Nah, it's nothin'. Concentrate on your lesson, Kanzaki.

Grow up without being bounded to these idiotic "ties of obligation".

Straight ahead and honestly... flowers have short lives, but that's exactly why I wanna protect them so they won't get plucked out.

Translation: Shoe
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