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Ensemble Stars!! (あんさんぶるスターズ!!) is a multimedia project, originally released as a Japanese mobile idol training game on May 1st, 2015. As of March 16th, 2020, the app has two versions: Ensemble Stars!! Basic, the idol-training game, and Ensemble Stars!! Music, the rhythm game. Both versions of the game have different gameplay styles, but otherwise share the same story, characters, and cards.

In Ensemble Stars!, the player is introduced to Yumenosaki Private Academy, which hosts an all-male idol training course that has a long history of producing talented idols.

Once the Ensemble Stars! school year ends, Ensemble Stars!! begins. Both students and graduated idols join an entertainment agency aggregate known as Ensemble Square, and they must learn to forge their own paths in the vast world of entertainment!


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SS Arc/7th Stage Sudden Death Banner.png
Event! SS Arc/7th Stage Sudden Death
Tour mission threads: Music
Ends in Basic: October 24 2021 22:00 +0900
Ends in Music: October 23 2021 22:00 +0900

Dramatica Banner.png
Scout! Dramatica
Ends in: October 30 2021 15:00 +0900

Midori Feature Scout.png
Scout! Midori Feature Scout
Ends in: October 25 2021 15:00 +0900

SOUL Scout Group C Banner.png
Scout! SOUL Scout: Group C
Ends in: October 19 2021 15:00 +0900

Ensemble Stars 6th Anniversary SOUL Banner.png
Ensemble Stars 6th Anniversary SOUL Part
Ends in: October 30 2021 15:00 +0900

Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2020 Banner.png
Birthday Party in: October 18 2021 00:00 +0900


Niki Shiina Circle.png
Niki Shiina
October 5th
Yuzuru Fushimi Circle.png
Yuzuru Fushimi
October 18th
Nagisa Ran Circle.png
Nagisa Ran
October 27th
Shu Itsuki Circle.png
Shu Itsuki
October 30th
Izumi Sena Circle.png
Izumi Sena
November 2nd
Rei Sakuma Circle.png
Rei Sakuma
November 2nd