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Who can edit the Wiki?

Anyone can edit the Ensemble Stars Wiki. Be it to add or update information, fix typos, or create new, informative pages, all contributions are welcome! The Wiki does not belong to any one person, nor does it belong to the mod team.

The Ensemble Stars Wiki is a resource for Ensemble Stars players and readers to share and access information, assets, and stories. As long as you feel like you could contribute, you can!

In this guide, we will go through questions you might have about editing, and we will explain how to edit specific pages that might appear intimidating at first.

What if I break something?

Nothing on a FANDOM Wiki can be “broken” permanently; any possible issue, no matter how scary, can be fixed with a couple of clicks. You can revert an edit by simply going to the page’s History section, and clicking “undo” next to the most recent edit. There are no punishments or drawbacks from “breaking” something, other than the few seconds you will spend reverting your edit.

If you’re unsure on how to add certain information, feel free to contact our staff. However, we strongly encourage experimenting and trying to add things on your own first—it’s way less scary than it looks!

I don’t know how to code. Can I still contribute?

Of course! The majority of editable content on the wiki requires very minimal coding if at all, and most of it is simple formatting. No previous coding knowledge is required to edit and, if necessary, some pages can be edited via the Visual Editor.

Warning: As stated before, only some pages can be edited using the Visual Editor, and it should absolutely not be used for Appellation pages. It should be OK for more text-based pages, but if you’re in doubt please give the Source Editor a try first! This guide has the goal of making the Source Editor feel less intimidating, too.

What do I do if I find inaccurate information?

We want to avoid as much inaccurate information as possible, so if you know the correct information, you're more than welcome to adjust any mistakes on the Wiki! However, if you feel like it requires verification, you're free to contact one of the wiki staff for assistance!


References are an important part of Wiki editing. They help ensure that your edits are backed by canon sources, and help other users learn about the context in which certain information was revealed.

Here are some of the things you could use as a source and link through a reference:

  • A story from the game
  • An episode from the anime.
  • A tweet or statement by one of the writers.
  • A magazine article.
  • ...And so on.

Whenever possible, your source should direct to translated content present on the Wiki. However, when that’s not possible, it’s perfectly fine to link to the original JP source.

If you intend to link to a tweet that is not by one of the writers or any of the people working on Ensemble Stars!!, please contact the original poster and ask for their permission first. Tweets and other external website sources, no matter who the original poster is, must be archived. This will prevent the link from leading to a blank page in case anything happens.

In the case of stories, link to the Wiki page of the story being referenced, regardless of which chapter the information is from.


So, how are references implemented? There are two ways.

If the source will only be referenced once, use:


However, if you are going to use the same exact link or note as a reference multiple times in the same page, use the following the first time you reference it:

<ref name="Reference Name">Reference.</ref>

After that, to use that same reference in other instances within the same page, the code will be the following:

<ref name="Reference Name" />

In practice...

Now, let’s get a little more specific! In order to keep information as organized as possible, it is encouraged to specify which chapter your referenced information is from. This will especially be important for references in Appellations and Character pages.

So, how should a story chapter be properly referenced? Let’s use an existing story as an example! We will try to reference Chapter 7 of the story “Secret Labyrinth”. The code will look like this:

<ref>[[Secret Labyrinth|Secret Labyrinth - Chapter 7]]</ref>

If we want to reference a story like Rainbow, which has named chapter sections like most events, the code will be:

<ref>[[Rainbow|Rainbow - Revival 28]]</ref>

You will find the name of each chapter section in the story’s chapter list!

Finally, if you want to reference a chapter from the Enstars! or Enstars!! Main Stories, the code will be:

<ref>[[Troublemakers|Troublemakers - 40: Policy]]</ref>

And you can find the chapter name in the same story chapter list that is mentioned above!

The part before the | is the link to the page after /wiki/. For smaller stories such as idol stories, it suffices to link to the character's idol story list; for example, Souma Kanzaki/Idol Story/Part 1. You can each character's list of idol stories, sub stories, etc at the bottom of each chapter page.

The second part is how the link will actually appear. The Wiki’s standard is Story Name - Chapter #, and consistency is appreciated. It also looks prettier!

Lastly, for consistency, you will want to place the reference after the sentence with the referenced information, immediatelly following punctuation. In short, the reference will appear like this.¹

In practice, it'll look like this;

Sentence containing referenced data goes here!<ref>[[Troublemakers|Troublemakers - 40: Policy]]</ref>

I noticed some information has been left unsourced. Why is this?

This is a problem we are currently trying to fix, and have been discouraging as much as possible. The reason for this inconsistency is because we had only started implementing this referencing system in late 2018, starting with stories. It is only in 2019 that we began adding them to character pages, and then 2020 for appellations.

Due to this, the Wiki is far behind in sourcing previously added information, and we would like your help in fixing this problem!

Character Galleries

Adding to character galleries can be confusing at first. The main reason for this is that they are transcluded pages, which means they aren’t directly editable from the “Gallery” section.

With the exception of the members of ALKALOID and Crazy:B, all idols have two gallery pages that can be edited individually: one for Ensemble Stars!, and the other for Ensemble Stars!!.

To access the Ensemble Stars! gallery for a specific character, add /ES! to the url of the character gallery. Conversely, add /ES!! to access the Ensemble Stars!! gallery.


Once you’ve reached a gallery page, you can look through the code to find the appropriate section for your image. All images are listed with their file name and their caption, and you can add them the same way!

!! This process will not upload the image itself; it will only make it appear on the character’s gallery. To upload images, see here.

The code for each image is:

|File name|Caption

For example…

|(4th Anniversary) Kuro Kiryu Frameless Bloomed.png|4th Anniversary

(4th Anniversary) Kuro Kiryu Frameless Bloomed.png is the file name, and 4th Anniversary is the caption. Just remember to give each image its own line in the code!


Appellations must be edited through the Source Editor. At the moment, there is no synchronization between appellation pages, so please edit both characters’ sides. It saves other editors a lot of work! Thankfully, the code itself is really easy to edit!


Each Appellation section looks like this:

|Nickname1 =
|Nickname for them1 =

Nickname1: What this character is called by Anzu.
Nickname for them1: What this character calls Anzu.

Add the appellation preceded by a · .

For example, in Natsume's case, the code looks like this:

|Nickname1 =
|Nickname for them1 = · Little Kitten (子猫ちゃん) 

If you have it, the original Japanese appellation is very useful to have there! And even if it’s just one story and not the first, please try to add at least one reference.

Character Pages

Most of the time, character pages will already be set up for you to edit! Simply click to the “edit source” button next to each section.


  • Make sure the information you add is backed by canon content. Sources are a great way to make sure what you’re adding to a page is factual and to invite others to read more about the character!
  • Try to make the way you phrase information as neutral and unbiased as possible. If you’re unsure, ask someone to look over your edit before publishing! This also goes for any possible grammatical or spelling mistakes. But don’t worry too much — if you missed something, another editor can simply fix it up after.
  • Even if a character already has information on a certain part of their page, you’re still free to add more or adjust the information that’s already on there. For example, there’s no real limit to how much trivia a character can have as long as the information is properly sourced.

Information may sometimes be re-organized and placed in the appropriate sections (ex: transferring family information to the family page).