The English Ensemble Stars Wiki
The English Ensemble Stars Wiki
Discord Server

As of May 30, 2021, the Ensemble Stars!! Wiki has a Discord server.

The server was created for the purpose of bridging the gap between users and the Wiki. Anyone is welcome to be in this server, and a wiki can only be built through community effort! We only ask that you follow the rules.

In the server, you will find all kinds of information on the Wiki, such as current projects, guides on how to edit and contribute, and many channels created for users to feel more comfortable in asking for help, questions, or to offer suggestions to the Wiki!

If you're interested in helping the Wiki in any way, please consider joining our Discord server. If you have a Discord account, click here to join!

Q: I want to join, but I'm not sure if I can help.

A: You don't have to be good at coding or editing to contribute to the Wiki, and the same goes for the Discord server.

In fact, there are many ways to contribute in the Wiki, such as (but not limited to):

  • Fixing typos, misinformation, inconsistencies, etc
  • Providing and/or uploading images for missing content, see Available Contributions
  • Providing information that the wiki can utilize (Character trivia, lore, guides, etc)
  • Check and update pages that need to be updated constantly (ex: ES Coin Shop, Music Song List, etc)
  • Update “stub” or “WIP” pages
  • Translate small things (ex: voice lines, card skills, etc)
  • and so much more!

Even giving us your thoughts and opinions on how to improve the Wiki would be highly appreciated!

The Wiki strives to expand and improve the Wiki in any way possible, be it easier access to different pages, a cleaner wiki design, etc., and the only way we can make that happen is through communication and teamwork!

How to join

  1. You must have a Discord account first. Register here.
  2. Download Discord here. You can also use it in your browser.
  3. Join the Ensemble Stars!! Wiki server by clicking this link. You will also find a Discord server join button on the right if you're on desktop.
  4. Once you've joined, you will find yourself in the reception channel. Please follow the guidelines in your welcome message to gain full access to the server.

Server Rules

Code of Conduct

  • We ask that you remain civil and professional in this server. This server is not a traditional "general discussion" server. We are here to collaborate first and foremost.
  • The language of this server is predominantly English, as it is related to the Wiki for the English Ensemble Stars fandom. That having been said, please be respectful and considerate towards members who do not speak English as their first language. We are all here to contribute towards making the Wiki a better place!
  • Pronouns used on character pages of the Wiki are the pronouns that will be used in this server.
  • Please tag all common trigger warnings with spoiler tags and add an appropriate cw before the triggering text. For example, cw self harm ||triggering text here||.
  • IMMEDIATELY contact a server moderator if a conflict arises.


The rules are divided into two categories: Instant-Ban Rules, and Warn Rules. Violating Instant-Ban Rules will obviously result in an instant ban from the server. Violating Warn Rules will result in a warning, and potentially a mute.

This server operates on a two-warn basis. You will be banned on the third rule violation.

Rule enforcement is 100% up to Mod discretion. Rules are subject to update and change if needed.

Instant-Ban Rules

  1. No NSFW that is not directly sourceable from canon content. This includes images, language, and user nicknames and icons. Any NSFW that is directly sourceable from canon content must be hidden behind spoiler tags and cw-ed. (To use spoiler tags: ||spoiler message||)
  2. No bigoted language (eg. slurs) nor behaviors are permitted in this server. If you are unsure if what you want to say qualifies, check with a mod.
  3. Harassing others, or using the server as a platform to harass others (both those inside and outside of the server), is strictly prohibited.

Warn Rules

  1. No discussion of kins, ships, or femstars will be permitted on this server. Due to the nature of this fandom, we ask that you take any discussion of this nature to DMs/private group chats.
  2. Please treat others with respect, consideration, and compassion. Mods will prioritize the comfort of the server as a whole first and foremost.
  3. Fandom discourse and drama discussion is prohibited.
  4. No character hate is permitted in this server. Please keep discussions of characters neutral, and discuss “negative” aspects of characters in a factual, neutral manner.
  5. Do not spam channels or talk over people.