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Please do:

  • Follow and act according to Fandom's policies and terms of service, as well as the LGBTQIA+ and Gender Identity guidelines.
  • If you upload game assets (except voice clips) or screenshots, please add a copyright template: For the Japanese version, add {{Fairuse|1}}, and for the Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean/English version, add {{Fairuse|2}} to the "Summary" field when uploading.
  • Add the Category:Needs EN Proofreading category to article pages you would like to be proofread by other users.
  • If you translate song lyrics for the wiki, please have them proofread by someone who is proficient in Japanese. As with any content on the wiki, song lyrics can be edited to fix grammar and best reflect the Japanese meaning at any time without notice.
  • If you upload translated song lyrics taken from this wiki to an external source, including but not limited to creating lyric videos, give explicit and visible credit to the translator for the specific song or songs.

Please do not:

Happy Elements has requested for all stories and voice clips to be removed.

  • DO NOT upload any stories directly on the wiki.
  • DO NOT upload any voice clips.


Please do not:

  • Spam or vandalize the wiki; doing so will result in anything from a warning to an indefinite ban.
  • Roleplay excessively.
  • Leave another comment when you were the last person to comment on that page.
  • Comment purely keysmashes, single words, or statements that are irrelevant to the wiki and the character.

User Conduct

Please do not:

  • Use abusive, foul, profane, or inappropriate language.
  • Make rude, passive-aggressive, or inappropriate remarks.
  • Make inflammatory remarks, stir drama, or antagonize others.
  • Engage in arguments with other users.
  • Make transphobic, homophobic, or racist remarks.
  • Post obscene/sexually explicit text/images, or have obscene/sexually explicit text/images as your avatar or on your profile.
  • Refer to characters using sexually explicit, crude, or derogatory language, even as a joke.
    • Likewise, referring to characters by posting/repeating memes that use sexually explicit, crude, or derogatory language is also against the rules.


Please do not:

  • Make drastic changes to the coding, format, or layout of the wiki without first having your changes approved by an active moderator.
  • Upload fanart onto the wiki without explicit permission from the artist and credit to them.

These rules apply to every page on the wiki (comments, articles, forums, profiles, etc).

Violating these rules in a comment will lead to deletion of said comment without any notification. Please understand that everyone else using the wiki has to read what you write.

These things aside, be respectful to others and happy editing! We are grateful for every single edit made in good faith!


The English Ensemble Stars!! wiki is dedicated to the idol-training mobile games Ensemble Stars!! Basic and Ensemble Stars!! Music, made by the company Happy Elements. It's dedicated to archiving content from the games as well as acting as a hub for English fan-translated content.



If you want to report an issue with the wiki, have suggestions, or have a question you want to ask, feel free to contact the moderators through this form!


  • We are an independent wiki, in no way associated or affiliated with Happy Elements / Cacalia Studios.
  • This is a fan-based wiki, existing to guide and help Ensemble Stars players all over the world.
  • We are in no way responsible for any changes made by the company.