Normal Event mini 1/3

Birthday Course Tetora Nagumo Normal Event 1
"あっ、転校生さん! チィ〜ッス ☆ 見てください、翆くんと仙石くんからプレゼントをもらったんスよ〜 ♪ 押忍! 今日は俺の誕生日ッス!

Ah, Transfer Student-san! 'Ssup ☆ Please look at this, I got presents from Midori-kun and Sengoku-kun~♪ Ossu! Today is my birthday!"

Choice 1 おめでとう
Possibility 1 Character response: "おぉ…… ☆ 転校生さんの『おめでとう』いただきッス! ん〜。友達から言われるのとは、またちがう感じかするッスね〜? どういう感じって…… それは秘密ってことにしといてほしいッス ♪

Ooh... I'll gladly accept Transfer Student-san's greeting! Hm~. I feel a bit different from when my friends greeted me, huh~? What kind of feeling is it, you ask...? I'd want to keep that as a secret ♪"

Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "ありがとうございます、転校生さん! 祝ってもらえて嬉しいッス ♪ あはは、翆くんに仙石くん。羨ましいって顔してるッスよ〜? 誕生日っていいッスね、何か主役って感じがするッス…… ☆

Thank you, Transfer Student-san! I'm happy you're celebrating it too ♪ Ahaha, Midori-kun and Sengoku-kun are making faces like they're jealous, y'know~? Birthdays are nice, somehow you get a feeling of being the main protagonist...☆"

Result: Red Fragments
Choice 2 何をもらったの?
What did you get?
Possibility 1 Character response: "えぇっと、翆くんからは『かるびどん』っていうゆるキャラのクッションと…… 仙石くんからは門外不出の忍法帖……? ってやつをもらったッス! あはは、ふたりとも自分が好きなものを選んでるッスよね! でも、めちゃくちゃ嬉しかったッス ♪

Hmm, I got a mascot character cushion called "Kalbi-don" from Midori-kun and... Something called a treasured scroll on ninja arts...? Is what I got from Sengoku-kun! Ahaha, the two of them chose something that they like! But, I'm really happy ♪"

Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "色々もらったんスけど……。あっ、このカルビ丼もふたりが奢ってくれたッス! わざわざ俺のために、大盛りにしてくださいって頼んでくれたみたいで…… 大将のお弁当はもちろん美味しいッスけど、やっぱりカルビ丼も最高ッス〜 ♪

I received various things but... Ah, this bowl of Korean beef was a treat from those two as well! They even went so far as to ask a huge serving for me... Taishou's bentou is of course delicious, but Korean beef bowls are really great too~♪"

Result: Blue Fragments

Normal Event mini 2/3

Birthday Course Tetora Nagumo Normal Event 2
"ちょっと、ちょっと待ってくれッス!? 翠くんと仙石くんから、放課後『流星隊』の活動があるって言われて。それでここにきたんスけど…… えぇっと……。これってどういうことッスか? 『本日の主役』……?

Wait- Please wait a moment?! Midori-kun and Sengoku-kun told me we had activities for "Ryuseitai" after school.That's why I came here but... Uhmm... What does this mean? "Today's protagonist"...?"

Choice 1 誕生日は終わってないよ
Your birthday hasn’t ended yet.
Possibility 1 Character response: "うおっ!? 何か聞き覚えのある笑い声が聞こえてきたッスよ〜? やっぱり隊長…… それに、深海先輩!何かみんな名乗りをあげ始めたッスよ!? って、驚いてる場合じゃないッスよね! 押忍! 俺も気合を入れて名乗るッスよ〜!

Uwoh?! Somehow I heard a familiar voice~? As I thought, it's Taichou... And, Shinkai-senpai too! Somehow everyone is starting to introduce me?! I mean, this shouldn't be the time to be surprised! Ossu! I'll put my spirit into it and introduce myself~!"

Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "『流星隊』の活動があるっていうのは嘘で、これから誕生日パーティ……?も、もしかしてぜんぶ仕組まれて……。転校生さんも知ってたんスか?う〜みゅ、ぜんぜん気づかなかったッス……。みんな演技うますぎじゃないッスか?

So Ryuseitai having activities was a lie, and after this is a birthday party...? C-could it be everything was planned... Transfer Student-san, you knew as well? U~myu, I didn't notice at all... Isn't everyone a bit too good at acting?"

Result: Red Fragments
Choice 2 Congrats again!
Possibility 1 Character response: "おわっ、びっくりした!? クラッカーまで用意してたんスか? ん? 思ったより冷静? へへっ、鍛錬の成果ッスかね…… ♪ いつも大将から、もうちょっと落ちつけって言われてるッスからね〜

Owah, you surprised me?! So you even prepared party poppers? Hm? I'm more calm than you thought? Hehe, maybe it's the result of training...♪ Taishou always tells me that I should be more calm, after all~"

Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "えっ? お昼に祝ってもらったッスよ? ……あれはただのジャブ? や、やられたッス! あぁもう、完全にしてやられたッスよ〜 押忍!みんなありがとうッス! こんなことしてもらえて感激ッス ☆

Eh? But you celebrated it at noon...? That was just a jab? I-I've been had! Aah geez, I've been totally had~ Ossu! Thank you, everyone! I'm touched that you did this for me ☆"

Result: Yellow Fragments

Normal Event mini 3/3

Birthday Course Tetora Nagumo Normal Event 3
"ありがとうございました、転校生さん! 何かいろいろ計画してくれたって聞いたッス! こんな盛大に祝ってもらって、最高の誕生日になったッスよ〜 ☆ 何ていうか…… また一歩、『男のなかの男』に近づいた気がするッス!

Thank you so much, Transfer Student-san! Somehow I heard that you planned a lot of things! Having such a grand celebration, it's become my best birthday ever~☆ How to say this... I feel like I've gone one step closer to being a "man among men"!"

Choice 1 ほんとだね
That's true.
Possibility 1 Character response: "へへっ、転校生さんにもそう見えるんスね…… ♪ 男としてはもちろん、アイドルとしても一人前になれるように…… もっともっと努力するッス!だから。これからもずっと、俺のことを見ててほしいッス…… ☆

Hehe, So Transfer Student-san can see it too...♪ In order to be mature - as a man too of course, but as an idol as well... I'm going to work harder! That's why, from now on and always, I want you to look at me...☆"

Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "おぉっ、わかるッスか転校生さん!? うおぉ〜っ、燃えてきたッス! この調子でもっと男を磨くッス! 新しい筋トレメニューに挑戦して…… にんじんも〜…… これはまぁ、気が向いたらでいいッスよね?

Ooh, you get it, Transfer Student-san?! Uooh~ I'm getting fired up! Like this, I'll improve my manliness more! I'll challenge myself to a new muscle training schedule... And carrots too~... Well, for this one, it's fine until I feel like it, right?"

Result: Yellow Fragments
Choice 2 よかったね
Good for you.
Possibility 1 Character response: "押忍!成長した姿、大将にも見てもらいたいッス…… ん? 大将……? えっ、えっ? 何か大将っぽいひとがきたんスけど? うわぁ、うわぁあ…… 本物ッス! みんな、どれだけ俺を感動させれば気が済むんスか〜!

Ossu! I want Taishou to see my growth too... Hm? Taishou...? Eh, eh? Somehow a Taishou-like person is here? Uwa, Uwaaah... It's the real thing! Everyone, just how much will you make me be moved until you're satisfied~!"

Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "くうぅっ! 嬉しすぎて男泣きしそうッス…… おわぉ!? た、隊長!いきなり抱きついてこないでほしいッス! ていうか何で、隊長が泣いてるんスか? まったく…… 困ったひとッスね〜?

Kuuh! I'm so happy that I'm about to cry manly tears... Owaoh?! Ta-taichou! Please don't suddenly hug me! Besides, why are you crying? I swear... You're such a troublesome person, you know~?"

Result: Blue Fragments
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