Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 15
Tetora Nagumo sub story part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: 2nd Floor Passage

Anzu-sempai! You’ve got perfect timing!

Check it out. This is my idol outfit~ What do you think of it?

I’m super pumped! I’ve been waiting for this~!

Wait, there’s not much point in me saying what I think of it! You think it’s awesome too though, right Sempai?

I can tell what you’re thinking before you even say it. I might be an esper.

To think that just changing into my idol outfit would give me the power to read people’s minds... That’s so awesome, I’m speechless!

Sempai, you’re supposed to act surprised and say, “Wo~w!” It’s embarrassing if I’m the only one being all excited.

Sempai, are you more of a ‘cool’ type? Actually, I am too.

...Sempai, now you’re making a face like you can’t believe me.

Seeing as I’m aiming to be a man like Taishou, I want to go for a ‘passionate’ image instead of ‘cool,’ though.[1]

My outfit is black though, right? Oh, the unit I’m in is called Ryuseitai, by the way.

Anyways, our leader, Morisawa-sempai, has the red outfit. Morisawa-sempai is a really passionate guy too, so red suits him perfectly~

I couldn’t possibly just turn to my sempai and ask him to let me have the red outfit, you know what I mean?

Yellow and green don’t really suit me, and blue’s not really my color either~

Black was the only color left, so that’s what I ended up with...

Oh, but Taishou is passionate and dignified!

What’s the phrase again? He fights for the weak and against the strong. I want to hurry up and be like him!

Sempai, do you have a goal you’re shooting for? Wait, no, please forget what I just said.

Taishou was saying, “Your goals and aspirations aren’t something to share lightheartedly.”

A man should stay silent and speak with his back. I’m getting pumped again! That’s the sort of thing I can look up to!

Wait...! I just babbled on about my goals and aspiration to you. So much for staying silent and speaking with my back...!

Sempai, don’t tell anyone about anything I just said!

As expected of Sempai! Sempai, you’re the person I respect most after Taishou!

  1. I guess not suuuper important, but ‘passionate’ in Japanese is the same word as ‘hot,’ so Tetora’s comparing ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ (as in ‘composed’) as opposites. While I’m sure we can all agree Kuro’s hot, the meaning in English isn’t quite the same as ‘passionate,’ so I broke the hot/cool comparison.
Translation: Linnæus
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