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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Space


Oh no, oh crap! It just burst into flames, and my heart is also burning red hot! I mean, I’m panicking!

W-W-W-What do I do?!

C-Calm down, me! I must steel myself and remember the boss’s words!

Boss, please grant me courage and insight!

What did he say about fire… oh, ohh! Ah, I got it!

“Tetsu, don't start smoking. The smell sticks to your clothes, and the sparks burn holes through them.”

Wait, all he cares about are my clothes?!

Ah, Anzu-san!

Heyo! What are doing here, work? Nice going!☆

Oh, you’re doing laundry!

Seeing you like that really reminds me you’re a girl♪ That’s so homey, I really admire that!

Well, my boss does laundry a lot too!

Anyway, there’s a fire right now!

I’m sorry, but could I borrow this bucket?

Put in some water, and hup! Lift it up! Put out the fire!


Phew, I managed to put it out somehow!

That was a big help, Anzu-san, you’re really reliable! I’m safe in your hands!

Oh, sorry! I got water all over you, but you look good dripping with water! Very alluring☆

Ah I’m sorry, please don’t be mad at me! It wasn’t on purpose! I just wanted to put out the fire!

Osu! I always have the boss’s handmade bento during lunchtime.

Today the boss has returned home for warrior training, so I made my own food!

Barbecue, for a man! But when I gathered some leaves to make a fire, it just burst into flames!

That was a close call! But I avoided the worst case scenario thanks to you, Anzu-san♪

Ugh… But all the food burnt to a crisp and now it’s all soggy! What do I do for lunch? Wahh!

Huh? You say you’ll give me food if I help you out?

You’re so kind, a goddess! I admire that!

In that case, I will devote my whole self to helping you, Anzu-san!

But first you should take off that wet clothing, you’ll catch a cold!

I’ll help you take it off♪

Ow!! Why’d you hit me… Women are so difficult!

But I won’t back down, I’ll push forward! All efforts will be rewarded…!

Okay, I’ll help you out. If there’s anything you need, leave it to me!♪

Translator: Enstars Translates
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