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Tsumugi Aoba Circle Tsumugi Aoba
August 7th
Jun Sazanami Circle Jun Sazanami
August 16th
Adonis Otogari Circle Adonis Otogari
August 29th
Midori Takamine Circle Midori Takamine
August 29th
Kanata Shinkai Circle Kanata Shinkai
August 30th

Current Campaign
Mitsuru Feature Scout

Scout! Mitsuru Feature Scout
Ends: August 10 2020 15:00 +0900

2020 Summer Vacation Campaign Banner

2020 Summer Vacation Campaign
Ends: August 31 2020 24:00 +0900

Open to Read in ES!! Basic:
Magnolia + Chinatown
Ends: August 4 2020 15:00 +0900

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