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The English Ensemble Stars Wiki
Brief Live Summary
  • 'Live's will appear randomly during Lessons. They can appear in normal Lessons, but the appearance rate is lower than that during Event Lessons.
  • There are three different difficulty of Lives: Normal, Rare and Emergency:
    • Normal lives can be attempted within 2hrs.
    • Rare lives can be attempted within 1hr.
    • Emergency lives can be attempted within 10mins.
  • The maximum levels for each grade of card is as follows:
    • Normal: Lvl45
    • Rare: Lvl30
    • Emergency: Lvl15
  • Every time you complete a card's Live, it will gain a level the next time you encounter it. However, there is a LP-spent cutoff before it drops back to one level down. For Normal Lives, it is 3LP. For Rare Lives, it is 4LP. For Emergency Lives, it is 6LP (do take note that since the live only lasts for 10mins, you cannot wait for LP to regenerate. You will need to use dias or food items to restore the 6th LP. So plan before you attempt it and use the first 3LP).
  • The three buttons below are options for the number of units you want to use for the Live:
    • Selecting One unit(cost: 1LP) gives no bonus.
    • Selecting Two units(cost: 2LP) gives 1.5x bonus.
    • Selecting Three Units(cost:3LP) gives 2x bonus.
  • It is possible to get 200 producer points or the cards as drops after the Live. They will be sent your gift box.

Brief Encore Summary
After finishing a live (normal, rare or emergency), there is a chance an encore will appear. If an encore has not appeared within 5 lives, the next one will be guaranteed.

  • When you get an encore, a roulette will appear.
    • Before you start on the Encore there might be a spinning number and the finalized number (can be 1 to 5) is the number of people you have to AT LEAST clear for the bouquet bonus.
    • The roulette will contain members from your main unit of your Live units (follows the type of Live).
    • The AUTO button will automatically spin all 5 chances for you.
    • The more characters you get on stage, the more bonus points you'll get.
    • Higher level lives as well as cards with higher stats will give you more bonus points.

  • The bonus points you get will depend on the type of live you've triggered.
    • Normal = will give you a small amount of bonus points.
    • Rare = will give you a medium amount of bonus points.
    • Emergency = will give you a lot of bonus points.

  • Every 5 encores, a bar will appear letting you know how many characters you need to get on stage to receive a bouquet.
    • Successfully getting a bouquet will give you an extra 1,000 points.
    • If you fail, bouquets will continue to appear for every encore until you succeed.

character appearing on stage

When it lands on a character, he will then appear on stage.

character appearing on stage

If the roulette lands on the character that's already on
stage, he will not appear on stage again.

character appearing on stage

If you get all the characters in you team on stage,
you'll get bonus event points.

character appearing on stage

During an encore, you may or may not get a bouquet.

It's all about RNG luck. Read more in-depth about the new Encore Live System here.