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Adding new events / banners

          <!-- Occasion -->
 | DATE = <choose uncached before="[[File:" after="|frameless|x550px|link=]]">
          <option weight="49.5">FILE1</option>
          <option weight="0.5" >FILE2</option>
          <option weight="50">{{Home Banner Gacha Default}}</option>

Where DATE is the month/date for the occasion, in format of MMDD (with leading zeroes)

Using the template

{{Home Banner Gacha}}

To test a specific date, pass the date as the first parameter. For example, to test March 16th:

{{Home Banner Gacha|0316}}


Default (Today)

Home banner 5th 4.png

March 16th (Mao's Birthday)

(Mundane Specialty) Mao Isara CG2.png

Main Page Use

Roll Again Button

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