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How to Play

▪ As you complete 'Lives', event points (Event Point) will be awarded.
▪ To collect the bonuses, click on the yellow button that appears beside the cleared objective. It will then be sent to your Gift Box (Present Box) that can be accessed on My Room.
▪ Once the event has ended, you'll have 1 week to accept the rest of your rewards.
Event Stories can be read again under the Event tab in Story.
▪ Here are some tips on how to increase Fever quickly and trigger Normal/Special Events.
▪ Triggering any type of 'Live' depends on your RNG luck.
▪ Read more at Event Guide / Revival Event Guide.

Food Items

  ▪ Due to the addition of Revival Events, items now last till after the 3 day revival period is over.

1 Konpeito recovers one LP
Sports Drink
Sweat star sports drink
1 Sports Drink recovers full LP
Yakisoba Bread
1 Yakisoba bread recovers full AP
Honey Pickled Lemons
Honey Pickled Lemons
1 Recovers full LP
1 Recovers full AP
1 Recovers one LP
Honey Pickled Lemons, Bento and Ame-chan can be obtained as a Dream Festival Special Tournament reward, as well as certain campaign rewards. More at items.

Other Item(s)

Live cyalume
Live Cyalume
Effect: Makes the rate of event live appearances to be 100% in a produce course. However does not affect the ratio of certain lives appearing.

How to obtain: Purchasing Diamond packs, rewarded one every first day of the second half of events.

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