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An experienced idol who went on a hiatus from his idol activities due to an accident. His family home is a church. Tatsumi has a kind and level-headed disposition, and he has an open mind. As a priest, he can sense the presence of evil. With a singing voice that reaches the heavens, his performances are gentle and calming.

Tatsumi is a member of Starmaker Production's ALKALOID.[1]

I’m Tatsumi Kazehaya. I was originally working as an idol at Reimei Academy, but due to a sudden incident, my idol career was very nearly cut short... Thankfully, I recovered, and have become able to resume my career. Producer-san. It has been quite some time since I have last worked, but I do not believe that to be an insurmountable obstacle. If you are alright with it, I would be grateful if you could stick with me.[1]

Among the older members of ALKALOID, there is another aside from myself... His name is Tatsumi Kazehaya-san, but... Honestly, I struggle just a bit in interacting with him... Aah, please do not misunderstand what I’m saying! It’s not that we do not get along...! It is simply that... I am a pitiful, repulsive being, and his purity makes it unbearable to be around him...! He is someone so pure that his presence makes me feel as if I am being cleansed~! Urgh... I’m no match for him...[1]

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Tatsumi is a young man with a taller than average lean build. He has neck-length mint green colored hair and purple colored eyes, as well as two moles under his left eye. His first casual outfit (Spring-Summer) consists of dark blue jeans and a white button-up shirt undernearth a beige sweater with brown elbow pads, while his second casual outfit (Autumn-Winter) is made up of grey tartan-patterned trousers along with a beige button-up shirt, dark blue argyle vest and and a black wool-lined coat.

His on-stage ALKALOID outfit is quite similar to the his unitmates' oufits with the exception of a lock badge on his left breast and diamond motifs on the middle parts of his jacket. His boots are also different with a triangular gold double-line on the top.


Tatsumi is well-spoken, and often makes references to the Bible when he speaks. Much of his advice is religion-based. When faced with what he perceives to be a problem, he tends to spring into action before assessing the situation, attempting to help without knowing the full story. Sometimes, he makes assumptions about these situations that turn out to be untrue, and tries to fix a problem that isn't present at all. He seems to worry quite a bit, but he tries not to let his fears hold him back.

Tatsumi has much knowledge of the idol industry and its inner workings, as he was an active solo idol before being hospitalised. Due to his hospitalisation, he seems lost when it comes to technology, both the terms and the way things work often rendering him confused.


Tatsumi's first name (巽) has several meanings:

  • To respect, to obey, to offer, to be discreet, or to concede.
  • An altar used to place offerings in worship.
  • One of the Eight Trigrams, and I Ching 64 hexagrams, corresponding to the southeast and the wind.
    • In the Bible (Psalms 78:26), the eastern and southern winds together brought food to hungry people.

Tatsumi's last name (風早) is more commonly pronounced "Kazahaya" and means "strong winds."

  • The Kazahaya Shrine is the oldest shrine in Matsudo, Chiba. It is said to be closely related to the folkloric mermaid Yao Bikuni.


  • During the Main Story, he shared a room with the rest of ALKALOID at Starmony Dorm.
    • He currently shares a dorm room with Koga.
  • According to a 4gamer interview with Akira, Tatsumi's character archetype is "a saint" (巽が聖人で).
  • His birthday, December 28th, is the same day as the Christian holiday Holy Innocents' Day.
  • Tatsumi owns a driver's license, and says that the church will lend him a car to drive if he wants. He often insists on driving others around and enjoys it greatly.[2] However, it's also been confirmed by Aira Shiratori and Mayoi Ayase that he's actually a bad, speedy driver.[3]
  • Tatsumi can cook.[4]
  • He has perfect pitch.[5]
  • According to Tatsumi, his occasional severe leg pain is actually psychological in nature and his leg tissue is like a healthy person's.[6]

Voice Actor Comment

"I am Masatomo Nakazawa, performing the role of Tatsumi Kazehaya. I've been able to experience many things through him, as he's somewhat of a rascal as a unit member, and I hope to share his pain and joy alike with all of you. I think I'd like if we could continue forward, march forward with our flags held high and this ensemble that inspires us, yes."[1][7]

Tatsumi Kazehaya
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