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The president of New Dimension, or as Tsumugi Aoba calls them, "Shochou-kun". They are mentioned to be young in Wonder Game. In Next Door it is mentioned that they work overseas and that they would like to participate in idol work, but cannot due to their high workload.


Nothing is known about their appearance beyond their age, which is around the same age as the rest of the cast.


  • Their name is currently unknown, but Tsumugi calls them "Shochou-kun" (所長くん) which literally means "Director-kun" or "President-kun".
  • They call Tsumugi nearly every day to complain about financing.
  • Madara claims that they're the type of person who focuses more on passion than business skills when hiring people, which has been causing issues for NewDi.[1] Tsumugi has been assisting them a large amount.
  • Madara has been good friends with them for a long time, which is part of why he joined NewDi; he claims that they're not a bad person, but they're bad at managing things.[1]