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An idol belonging to Rhythm Link who specializes in crossdressing. He worked under Rhythm Link even before Ensemble Square, and has been an accomplished idol for many years. He has been described to be "fairly popular" and "perfect" before.


Little is known about Bishoujo’s appearance. His appearance as an idol focuses on cuteness, wearing a variety of things such as baby outfits and animal costumes. He frequently crossdresses for his work, earning him the title of a "beautiful girl idol" despite being a man. It is also implied that he enjoys feminine western clothing even in a casual setting.


  • They are using stage name when they work as Idol. Their real name is currently unknown; most characters refer to them as the "pretty girl" or "bishoujo" idol. Hajime calls him "Bishoujo-senpai".
  • Early on, Ra*bits used Bishoujo as a reference for their work. Because of that, they met up in person a few times before Sweet Halloween took place.
  • Ibara has commented how Bishoujo seems so perfect they don't even seem human.
  • They are very fond of Hajime Shino.
    • He used to consider Hajime his successor, and while that has changed due to Hajime's rejection, he still wants Hajime to fill that role.
    • He has invited Hajime to form a duo unit multiple times, and even offered support and training from his agency. Hajime rejected his advances every time. Despite that, the two do work such as TV programs together now that Hajime works under Rhythm Link.
    • The two text each other often, and hang out with each other on occasion.
  • Despite being described as "perfect", it has been mentioned that Bishoujo themselves may be facing the shortcomings of solo work, leading to his interest in forming a unit with Hajime.