Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Supernova Hypocrisy and Justice - 3
Location: Supernova Stage
Kanata Shinkai Supernova Dialogue Render

Bubble, bubble... I am... drowned ... ♪

(Vigorous Leader) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

“Blue!? Damn it! But there are still so many enemies left!”

“However, I am wounded all over, I’m at my limits! Is this as far as we get!? Will we... will justice be defeated!?”

“No, justice always wins! Isn’t that right, kids! Believe! Please cheer us on! We Ryuseitai!”

“Now, now, send to us your energetic cheering voices!”

“Don’t lose, Ryuseitai! You can do it, Ryuseitai...!”

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Oh? It seems like they are doing some kind of call and response, doesn’t it?

What should we do, Yuzuru? I do not know the proper etiquette for this, but we just have to cheer them on, I suppose?

If we audience members remained silent here, would the “heroes of justice” die, their strength having failed them, I wonder?

I feel like that in and of itself would be an interesting development, but...♪

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

President-sama, for the time being, I think that we should get with the atmosphere...

Kuro Kiryu Summer School Dialogue Render

Ohhh... That’s a hero show-like performance, isn’t it? Shall I cheer them on, at least?

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

Oh my? Ummm, certainly, you are Akatsuki’s Kiryu-sama. We were under your care at the Flower Festival. ♪

Kuro Kiryu Summer School Dialogue Render

Hm? Ahh, fine’s... I didn’t do anything, you know. If you want to thank someone, then say it to Hasumi danna.

That is, why are you guys at the amusement park? It’s not like the mighty fine-samas would be coming down to observe the enemy’s movements, right?

I’m... I handled the outfits for this one, so I received some free tickets. That’s all, see.

So, I came partly to support Ryuseitai, and partly to go out and have some fun with my little sister, since I had the opportunity.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Oh my, is that child your little sister, Kiryu-kun? Thank goodness, she doesn’t look like her older brother.

Kuro Kiryu Summer School Dialogue Render

What do you mean, you jerk? We do look alike, right~ Look, right around the eyes and stuff, we look exactly alike.

Ow- ouch! Why are you hitting me!? Ah, are you embarrassed to look like your big brother!?

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Ahaha. You get along well, don’t you? I’m jealous, you know. Coincidentally, we simply came here on the business of the student counsel, to judge them.

We won’t really do anything bad, so please be at ease, alright?

Kuro Kiryu Summer School Dialogue Render

Hmm. Good work, then. How about it, how do you see Ryuseitai’s live performance through your lenses, Student Council President-sama?

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

I don’t wear glasses, you know. Keito would think, “You’re copying me, aren’t you!” and I’d hate that... Well, up to now I guess they have passing marks?

While including songs and dances in their programme, they reconstructed their plan using the third year students, who could handle it perfectly, as the linchpins.

Not leaving the first year students out of the loop, they’re giving them the spotlight in the latter half.

They did... rather well in thinking it out, didn’t they? Although it irritates me, Ryuseitai tends to find the optimal solution through general atmosphere and sheer force, so…

At any rate. Ryuseitai was defeated in the DDD during the first round, and they had been laying low until the first year students joined them, hadn’t they...

And even after that, to be honest they did not strike me as much.

They had been spiritedly engaging in unofficial hero shows at the park, but, you know… to the eyes of the public, they had tended to stay hidden in the shadows of other units, you know.

And that is precisely why. In this Supernova, they are showing on a grand scale that Ryuseitai is here.

To introduce the new members once again, to announce them, to make them known.

It seems that they had such an intention, doesn’t it? Although I do not know how far they calculated it, though...

Since it became a plan like that, I felt that it had some value in doing and gave it the okay, you know.

You always need to invest for the future. They have talent, latent potential.

To crush that underfoot while it is still just smoldering, that in itself would be a foolish deed, wouldn’t it?

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

Heheh. As expected of you, President-sama. You are knowledgeable regarding the essentials of investment. ♪

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Yuzuru, in just today, you’ve said “as expected of you, President-sama” fifty-seven times, you know.

I don’t like flattery, see. You’re one to get it when told once, right... are you harassing me?

At any rate. According to the set-up, the space monsters that were defeated by Ryusei Red and Ryusei Blue...

They sprout hearts of justice, awaken as heroes, and come to the rescue~ it seems it’s that kind of plot, doesn’t it?

In accordance with that plot, the first years… ran amok as monsters in kigurumi.

Starting in the latter half, they will transform into heroes of justice, and act as the new members of Ryuseitai, it appears, doesn’t it?

Chiaki’s gathers nothing but strange kids to him, as well, doesn’t he... I thought, but... if you develop your weak points, they become strong points.

The individuality that seemed like it could be cast aside as unnecessary, he is thoroughly using it as a talent.

He is trying to use the power of the children, like the dreadful monsters, for the sake of justice.

Monsters transform into heroes, and protect this world. In obtaining the second fire... the flames of nuclear energy… mankind ended the petroleum civilization and arrived in a new era.

It is like looking at that kind of history of the human evolution, you know. Using even a dangerous power peacefully, for the same of mankind’s future.

That is... what Ryuseitai is, I suppose, isn’t it?

They are somewhat unreliable and all, and I am worried because I do not know how far Chiaki is actually aware of it, but...

It is still difficult for me to understand those things called heroes, you know.

...Whoops. Rather than chatting, as an audience member shall I cheer them on? Since certainly, it wouldn’t be interesting if it actually ended this way, would it?

Do your best to some suitable degree, heroes! I am expecting great things from you, you know!

Kuro Kiryu Summer School Dialogue Render

Looking down on them, huh? ...Do your best, okay~ Morisawa! Shinkai! Tetsu! You Ryuseitai runts~ Beat up those villains, alright!

(Joyful Reception) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render Bloomed

Heheh. Fight, okay, everyone~!

Translation: Looks after rainbows
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