Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Supernova Hypocrisy and Justice - 1
Location: Supernova Stage
Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

Heheh. President-sama, you are an avaricious person, are you not? You are trying to develop even further.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Since my days are always numbered... I live treasuring every minute and every second, you know.

Just from looking at the DDD, it seems that everyone at Yumenosaki Academy will come along with even someone like me, without being shaken off...

That I have great expectations for them, that is the way I sincerely feel, you know.

After a supernova, a new universe is born. I want to see that. What is beyond the horizon of that phenomenon, that is.

...The live performance will start soon. You sit down in your seat too, please.

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

As you say, President-sama. I am relieved, you know. It seems that you will remain the being that the young master admires indefinitely, so...

Please, live for a long time.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

That is not something I can promise, is it. Although I am sorry for it.

Please strive diligently so that you, yourself, may become a being that Tori admires. Is that not your true wish, I wonder?

I, too, if I could, think it would be great if I could become a being to be admired for Wataru... an idol, you know.

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

That... seems as though it would require an extraordinary amount of effort, doesn’t it? ...Excuse me, I shall sit beside you.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Yeah. Your smartphone is forfeited~ You’ve been trying to sneakily contact Tori since a bit back, right? Today, you’re only my butler, you know?

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

The one master I shall have in my whole life is the young master, and only him. Really now, you are a troublesome person, aren’t you?

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

I am often told that, you know. ...Ahh, the hero has appeared. Let us greet him with applause. ♪

(Vigorous Leader) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

“Hey! All you kids who have gathered from across the country! Welcome to the live performance of the Super Sentai that Yumenosaki Academy prides itself upon, Ryuseitai!”

“Bring on the action, Supernova...☆”

Kanata Shinkai Supernova Dialogue Render

“Everyone, welcome! I am happy to get to meet you~♪”

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

Oh? The people in Ryuseitai, it seems that some of them are missing, doesn’t it?

Ummm... Is it only Shinkai-sama and... Morisawa-sama? Certainly, there were a number of first-year members in it, weren’t there?

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Heheh. Well, look. Right now it is as was in the proposal... It is proceeding as planned, you know.

In the first proposal, this part of it was a simple hero show.

“Heroes of justice” would exterminate some kaijin and monsters, those kinds of bad guys, and have a happy end...something like that, you see.

It was full of action, and I’m sure it would have been a fun event that you would not get bored of watching, but…

That kind of thing is not a dream festival... not an idol’s live performance, you know.

At least, there was no way that I, as a member of the student council, could accept that as an official dream festival.

It hurt my heart greatly, but there was nothing I could do but reject the proposal.

However, they were not discouraged. They worked hard to redraft the proposal and all, and they added singing and dancing to it to create a live performance-like thing, you know.

That is... what this Supernova is.

Having said that... it was a sudden plan and all, wasn’t it? The inexperienced first year students could not handle it perfectly.

And so it seems that the majority of the singing and dancing will be done by the third year students, with experience under their belts.

That is the first half of Supernova. The scene that we are watching now.

Coincidentally, the first year students are standing on the stage, as well, aren’t they? Look, there are those kigurumis there, right?

Midori Takamine Kigurumi Dialogue Render


Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

Ohh, how strange... What is that, I wonder? Is it a martian, or something?

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

When you say things like “martian”, Yuzuru, you somewhat seem like you are enjoying yourself quite a lot, don’t you...

It seems that they are something like invaders from space, you know. Growing up in a gravity-less or low gravity environment, their skeletal structures are undeveloped and they look like sea creatures.

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

Hmm... Ahh, it does have that sort of detailed background written in the pamphlet, doesn’t it?

“The heroes of justice, who boldly face the invaders from space... Ryusei Red and Ryusei Blue!”

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

What is the army doing, I wonder? Putting the fate of the world upon just two high school students, you see... It is not realistic. That is to say, it’s kid’s stuff, isn’t it?

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

President-sama, you are not pleased by this kind of hero-like thing?

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Yeah. It makes me spew, you know. Yuzuru, heroes... what kind of beings do you think legendary heroes are?

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

That is.. they are supreme beings, who have both wisdom and courage combined, like our “Emperor,” I suppose. ♪

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Yeah, I don’t care about that, so... legendary heroes are, you know, murderers such that cannot be compared to normal people, covered in the blood-spray from their victims.

Caesar, Napoleon, Alexander... and all of the various others, without exception.

Invading other countries, exterminating foreign enemies, ruffians immersed up to their necks in blood and guts...

To raise morale, to create a unifying force, those kind of murderers were decorated with flowery words.

They were celebrated as legendary heroes. “Heroes of justice?” What is “justice?”

It’s just a simple ideological argument to justify murder, nothing more than a fantastic story, isn’t it?

Without understanding that, without knowing what the legendary heroes, covered in blood-spray, truly are...

Those fools who call themselves legendary heroes, believing firmly in that whitewashed facade from its beginning to its end... they irritate me, you see.

And so, I hate heroes.

And also those who sing their praises. However, I get the feeling that the heroes or whatever that Chiaki is talking about are somehow a bit different from those that I am cognizant of.

And so I thought that I wanted to ascertain that today.

Whether Supernova succeeds or fails, well... we will get some kind of answer, right?

Yuzuru Fushimi Summer School Dialogue Render

Heheh. No matter how it turns out, you will make it into a development to your own benefit, won’t you? As expected of you, President-sama. ♪

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render

Would you please not talk like I’m scheming, Yuzuru?

I simply... did not have a very decent childhood, so...

I am ignorant of the things called heroes that every boy admires, you see.

If I could, I think I would like to have someone tell me in detail about them, starting from the very beginning, you know. It is a childish, simple curiosity.

Chiaki is a thoughtless fool, but he is not an idiot. Because he grasps several truths unknown to me, you see...

Well, it may simply be a misunderstanding on my part, an overestimation, but…

I am expecting great things from him, you know. From my heart, I am. Are humans... able to transform into something other than monsters...

I wonder if he will show me, if he will teach me? Yumenosaki Academy’s “Hero of Justice”-kun. ♪

Translation: Looks after rainbows
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