Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Supernova Argumentation and Endeavor - 2
Location: In Front of Fountain
Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

(Hm~ ... That Morisawa fellow, he’s really tormenting himself over this, isn’t he?)

(I guess that’s how important Ryuseitai is to him, but… taking on all the hardships and pain by himself is a bad habit of his, isn’t it?)

(Well, at Yumenosaki Academy, it was the case that some gloomy times had persisted for a while, in which you couldn’t trust anyone and all.)

(So it can’t be helped, but you shouldn’t be causing your juniors to worry, you know.)

(The times have changed, you know, Morisawa... Well, even though you’re taking care of Tetsu for me, it is another unit, and all, after all.)

(It’d be out of line for me to act too obtrusively, but, you know...)

(At least I guess I’ll support him by making him outfits cheaply, at a friendly discount, and that sort of assistance, huh?)

(Really, you know... that Morisawa guy will always be a handful...♪)

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

Bubble, bubble...♪

Hello, “red ogre”-san. You look like you are having fun, don’t you~ Did “something good” happen?

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Mm, oh. Hey, Shinkai, don’t call out to me suddenly, okay? You surprised me... You don’t give any warning of your presence, do you... It’s been a while since someone’s been able to get me in range so easily, you know.

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

“In,” you say~? “Red ogre”-san, you say you “came in?”

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Ahh, this fountain was your territory, wasn’t it? Although it’s warm right now, when the sun goes down, it’ll get chilly, and all... You’ll catch a cold, you know?

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

There is no need to worry~ The water is my “life,” so~...♪

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Is that so? That is- Ryuseitai seems to be in a bind, doesn’t it?

Is this the time to be taking a carefree dip in a place like this? A hero comes dashing to his comrades when they’re in a pinch, doesn’t he?

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

Hmm~... I am part of Ryuseitai, but am I a hero~?

I haven’t really “thought” that I want to be a hero, but~...?

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Then why did you join Ryuseitai? A while back, you didn’t run with anyone, did you? Like how I was, see.

Did you fall for Morisawa, or something? That guy is pretty handsome, isn’t he?

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

Hm~ I do not dislike Chiaki, but~... I still do not know him very well, so~ I am watching him, aren’t I, to kill time.

Chiaki... told me that he would tell me important things, but…

Lately, he does not keep me “company” so much, so I am “lonely,” you know~?

If one does not keep me “company,” I will get sulky, you know~ I will betray them, you know~

I will become a “bad child,” an “evil monster” for the first time in a long time, you know~ ...Heheh. ♪

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

That guy is busy, too, right? It’s tough being a leader. Being in something like the No. 2 position like us is the easiest, you know, isn’t it?

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

It is, isn’t it~ More importantly, “red ogre”-san... “Kamezaburou” has been “injured,” so would you heal his injury for me, please?

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Huuh? Ahh, this turtle stuffed animal, huh? Giving it a name and stuff, are you a girl, huh?

My little sister also named her teddy bear Scarlett O’hara or something, you know.

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

Mm~ Souma “asks” if they do not have names, so...

I just named him to match “Kamegorou.” I... do not particularly “care” about names, though.

Since pretty much everyone... is the same.

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

It may seem that way to you.

Really, every one of you are disconnected from reality... Because of you guys, it’s just Niito and I as the people with the common sense in Class B, you know.

At any rate. I don’t have my sewing equipment on me right now, so carry that stuffed animal and come with me, okay? His injury- that is, the part that got torn on him, I’ll sew it up for you, okay?

Incidentally, right now I’m accompanying the little newbies in Ryuseitai in their lessons, see…

You give them some guidance, too, okay? You’re a senpai from their same unit, right?

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

Ehh~... I do not like things like that.

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Don’t say that, alright? Looking after your juniors is unexpectedly quite fun, you know.

The mister is out running around, so you watch the house properly, okay, missus?

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

Chiaki and I are not really a “couple,” you know~...?

It is a pain, isn’t it~ Children are “noisy,” so I am not good at dealing with them.

Those children, too, they think that I am some kind of “incomprehensible creature,” you know~?

But, well, there is no helping it, is there~ I have to... protect Ryuseitai, protect Chiaki’s dream.

Praise me, please. Because I do not do this kind of “service” very often, do I?

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Yeah. Just it’s a bit, you know, for you to be dripping wet, so first of all, go and change.

If it suits you, I’ll lend you my gym clothes, so... the size is probably just right, isn’t it?

Kanata Shinkai AI Dialogue Render

Okaaay. Being on the “land” is so tedious, isn’t it~ I want to go home, to the “sea.” Bubble, bubble... ♪

Translation: Looks after rainbows
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