Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Supernova Argumentation and Endeavor - 1
Location: Practice Room
Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

...Huuh? The proposal... was rejected?

“Sorry!” you say? No, even if you apologize, this is a problem, you know! What are you going to do, you stupid Captain! We’ve already started the lessons on our side, you know!?

Huuh!? You’ll do something about it, so please continue the say?

Do something about it... what are you going to do about it? Even though the whole plan looks like it’s going to come apart, what should we be aiming for in rushing on forward~!?

Huh? Captain? Captain, heeelloo?

Uwaahh, that person! Does he intend to take everything upon himself again? Even though just recently, he collapsed from doing that~!?

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Hey. What’s wrong, Tetsu? Did something happen?

Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

Ahh, Boss! Due to this and that...

Even though I went to the trouble of having you give us special training for doing stunt-like action stuff, it might all come to nothing!

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Mm~ I don’t really get it, but... the techniques you have acquired won’t go to waste, you know. You guys continue your lessons.

On my end, I’ll go talk it out with Morisawa a bit, you know.

Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

Y- yes sir! Do you know the Captain’s phone number?

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

Yeah. But I’ll talk to him directly. This kind of thing isn’t something you should do over the phone.

I want to give the fool who causes my juniors to worry a whack with my fist, and all, see.

Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

Y- yes sir. Um... Captain... is still recovering from his illness, so I’d like you to spare him.

If the Captain collapsed again now, everything would be over, so…

Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render

I know that. Even though I may look like this, I’ve kept company with Morisawa for a long time. I can tell what state he’s in.

Now then, Tetsu. The other guys aren’t used to this kind of hand-to-hand-like action, and all, so you watch over them properly, okay?

Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

Yes sir! Understood. I will faithfully put your teachings into practice, Boss... ☆

Shinobu Sengoku AI Dialogue Render

Wh-what has happened, Tetora-kun, de gozaru? Has Captain-dono done something or other again, de gozaru?

Midori Takamine AI Dialogue Render

Mm~ I just overheard the conversation but... the plan... was rejected...?

Oh yaay, then is it okay for me to go home now, I wonder... ♪

Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

Umyu... It seems like the Captain doesn’t have a single bit of intention to abandon the plan, so…

For now, we’re supposed to continue the lessons as planned, you know.

This is different from the usual - it’s bad of me to say it but “pretend play” ... Because this time, it seems we’ll be doing a full-blown hero show, doesn’t it?

It seems like they have some pretty flashy stage shows. Fights with throwaway enemies and kaijin[1] and stuff, too.

If we don’t do our lessons properly, we’ll get really hurt in the actual performance, you know.

Shinobu Sengoku AI Dialogue Render

Ahaha. I am having a surprising amount of fun, you know, de gozaru~ Trampolines, and rope stunts, and things…

It’s like playground equipment, de gozaru. For me, more than that, the problem is my lack of stamina, though, de gozaru.

Today, too, I was suddenly made to run many laps around the school grounds, and I am dead tired, you know, de gozaru...

Isara-dono and Yuuki-dono, who were passing by, cheered me on, and so I was able to finish running the whole thing, though, de gozaru.

Yuuki-dono has also started running recently, it seems, and so I had him teach me some of the tricks to how to run, de gozaru.

Ahh, kind senpai are the thing to have, aren’t they, de gozaru~♪

Midori Takamine AI Dialogue Render

Sengoku-kun, you’re unexpectedly positive.. that is to say, you end up enjoying anything, don’t you...?

Ughh~ I end up thinking everything is a pain...

I don’t even get the point of being an idol, so why do I have to even do hero-like stuff, I wonder...?

Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

Ahaha. Curse your poor fortune at having joined Ryuseitai, you know.

Midori Takamine AI Dialogue Render

Nagumo-kun... Somehow, you seem like you’ve gotten some motivation this time, don’t you...

Up until now, didn’t you act like you thought this kind of pretend hero play was “silly”...?

Tetora Nagumo AI Dialogue Render

No, I still think it’s silly, but, you know. Lately I started to think that maybe it was a too early to decide that.

I don’t quite have the answer within myself, but...

To where he’d go getting pounded by the rain, catching a cold, and even collapsing, it’s the ideal image that the Captain... that one man is aiming for, isn’t it? A hero, that is.

It might have some things that speak to my own ideal image, the “man among men,” as well. Speaking with Shinkai-senpai that rainy day, somehow I got that feeling, you know.

Midori Takamine AI Dialogue Render

Now that you mention it, Shinkai-senpai isn’t here, is he... That’s not fair, just one person ditching...?

Shinobu Sengoku AI Dialogue Render

Mm~ He is a mysterious personage, isn’t he, de gozaru? Shinkai-dono is. He does not participate in our activities very much, and so I do not yet know very well what kind of person he is, de gozaru.

Captain-dono... I wonder if he really understands that personage, de gozaru... At a minimum, it feels like Shinkai-dono also listens to what Captain-dono says, de gozaru.

Midori Takamine AI Dialogue Render

Well, I don’t think he’s a bad person, though... His words and actions are so inscrutable, he’s scary, but he’s basically harmless, and all...

He seems light-hearted, you could say- he’s a soothing type...?

Ughh... It seems like Morisawa-senpai is struggling to get the proposal through, and all, and Shinkai-senpai is missing...

Are we okay with just us first years, I wonder...?

Ahh, the future is so uncertain... I’m so depressed. I want to die...

  1. "Kaijin" is a word used to describe humanoid monsters in tokusatsu shows. They are a subset of "kaiju" in general.
Translation: Looks after rainbows
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