Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Supernova Anxiety and Aspiration - 1
Location: Amusement Park
Shinobu Sengoku Summer School Dialogue Render

(Whooaa... At last, it is the day of the large-scale hero show upon which Ryuseitai has wagered its fate, Supernova, de gozaru~!)

(However, why does it have a name like “Supernova,” I wonder, de gozaru?)

(A supernova explosion...I don’t like it. It sounds like we’re going to die in an explosion or something, doesn’t it, de gozaru~ It does at least have an exceeding sense of power in the word, though, de gozaru.)

(Well, if you’re talking about whether it’s Ryuseitai-like, then it is that, isn’t it, de gozaru?)

(But, well, this crowd is amazing, de gozaru! There are so many people here, I almost cannot even move!)

(If all of them were visitors who had come to see we Ryuseitai’s live performance... it would be quite a problem, but, de gozaru…)

(Well, it is a non-working day and all, so I am sure that the majority of them have just come to enjoy the amusement park as normal, de gozaru.)

(However. Some percentage among them- no, even if just one out of some tens of them came to the stage...)

(It would mean an audience count of multiple times that which we normally have. It would be a live performance of unprecedentedly large scale, de gozaru.)

(Ughh. Having come to the location, I have suddenly become nervous, de gozaru...)

(What will I do if I mess up in front of a crowd of spectators like this? It was a sudden job, so I feel that I did not really get to prepare sufficiently and all.)

(Thanks to Shinkai-dono giving us thorough instruction, it seems as though we will be able to do the performance to the end somehow, but, de gozaru…)

(Ugh~ I still do not have any self-confidence after all, de gozaru.)

(I- I shall do a little solo practice... Somewhere... over in a corner.)

Somosan, seppa[1]... Spin and turn… Nin nin. ♪

Hyahh wha!? Oh, ohh, that surprised me~! You are transfer student-dono! Please do not tap me on the shoulder suddenly, de gozaru!

You give no warning, do you, de gozaru! Are you also the descendant of a ninja, de gozaru!?

Huh!?... Yes, Supernova starts around noon, de gozaru, but…

I.. thought that I could not afford to be late and entered the grounds early, you know, de gozaru.

Since this is not a stage I am used to… like the Yumenosaki Academy grounds or the park, you see, de gozaru~ I thought that I would experience the atmosphere of the place early!

I... am the type of ninja that can end up feeling bad from the stress of a different place, to begin with!

Even right now, I really feel as though I might throw up, de gozaru. It feels as though I have gotten sick from the crowd of people...!

Whaaa? Why are you petting my head, de gozaru!? If you push down on the back of my head, I will stop growing taller you know, de gozaru~? Spare me it, spare me it, de gozaru!

Ohhhh... Rather, I will sprout right up!? Wh- why are you picking on me, de gozaru!

Transfer student-dono, I feel as though it is only with me that you are strangely bullying, de gozaru~!

Ughh. No, there is no need to apologize though, de gozaru...

While horsing around with you, transfer student-dono, my nervousness has eased up a fair amount, de gozaru~♪ Transfer student-dono, you came into the grounds early as well, de gozaru?

As expected of you! You are serious-minded, aren’t you, de gozaru! That is- Producer-dono, did you have some work for the construction of the stage, or something, I wonder?

Hmmm? As a result of various negotiations, the student council has recognized Supernova as a special type of official dream festival...

The members of the student council will... Handle the construction for us, de gozaru?

That is... a cause for celebration, isn’t it, de gozaru?

If it was an unofficial B1, then there would be no compensation for it, and it would just be a battle for prestige and all. We would go into the deep red, de gozaru. Ryuseitai might have even gone under.

I am sure that Ryuseitai is the only one who would take in someone like me, de gozaru, and so…

I would be in trouble if it disappeared, de gozaru. I want to be with everyone from Ryuseitai forever and ever. ♪

Ooooh, I am telling you, please do not pet my head for no reason, de gozaru...

Huh!? Isara-dono likes it when you pet his head? I... should try petting Isara-dono’s head, as well~ you say?

No, no, no, such a dreadful thing! That is unthinkable, de gozaru!

Rather, I would want Isara-dono to stroke my head like that of a sweet pet...!

Really now, you have taken your joke too far, de gozaru. Transfer student-dono, you are unexpectedly mischievous, aren’t you, de gozaru?

Hmm? Transfer student-dono, are you free because your work was taken by the people from the student council, de gozaru?

Ahh, then, if it suits you, then accompany me in my solo training, de gozaru!

There are still very many points regarding which I still feel a little insecure, and...

Especially in the first half, we shall be performing dressed in kigurumi, so it is a bit difficult for me, who has no stamina, so…

Hmm? What is wrong, transfer student-dono? Looking the other way...?

Midori Takamine Kigurumi Dialogue Render


Shinobu Sengoku Summer School Dialogue Render

Yikes, it is a suspicious fellow! A ruffian, de gozaru! Transfer student-dono, get behind me! It is a ninja’s duty to put his life on the line to protect his master, de gozaru~♪

Juu~st kidding... That, it’s the monster kigurumi we are using for Supernova, isn’t it, de gozaru?

Who is in it, I wonder, de gozaru? Since it’s that design, is it Midori-kun, I wonder? Shall we try calling out to him, de gozaru?

Hee~y, Midori-kun? Huh!? ... He had no reaction, did he, de gozaru? I wonder if he did not hear us, de gozaru?

That is- it does not seem as though he is moving a single finger, does...

It- it seems somewhat serious, de gozaru! Are you alright, de gozaru~!? If you are alive, please answer, de gozaru!

Midori Takamine Kigurumi Dialogue Render


Shinobu Sengoku Summer School Dialogue Render

I- I’m going over for a minute to where that kigurumi is, de gozaru! You come with me, too, transfer student-dono~ Be careful not to fall, okay, de gozaru!? ♪

  1. "Somosan, seppa" is a zen Buddhist phrase used at the beginning of a Zen question and answer session. It is also sometimes used to indicate that the speaker is ready to take up a challenge.
Translation: Looks after rainbows
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