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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Sunshower Festa Prologue.png
Location: Bulletin Board
Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render.png


(Ahaha, there’s no way it’ll appear conveniently like that, huh. I came to the bulletin board to see if there are any job offers up, but)

(It’s mostly filled up with announcements of the “S2” event that’s happening soon.)

(Speaking of “S2”… I wonder what “2wink” is going to do. Well, we’ve got time until it starts – there’s no need to hurry and prepare.)

(Aniki’s too easygoing.)

(His attitude’s all “We’re fine, we’re fine! We just have to make it in time for the performance, right?☆”, so he’s making me all jealous.)

(It’s the same with work. Aniki’s the leader of “2wink”, so I’m stumped if he doesn’t take initiative and find work for us…)

(And yet all he says is something like “I don’t feel like working right now”.)

(We won’t be able to save up our school funds if we spend all our time in idle amusement, anyway.)

(We’re idols so we’ve got to do things that are idol-like, or else I won’t understand why we entered Yumenosaki Academy.)

(…I’m selfish too, though.)

(It would’ve been better if I stopped complaining about the work which uses the concept of twins as the selling point, and went with an attitude where I don’t mind any work, though.)

(As I thought, being sold like a set with Aniki doesn’t make me feel motivated at all…)

…Hm? Ah, Anzu-san.

Hello~♪ Did you come to take a look at the noticeboard too?

Oh, I came wondering if there were any work offers suited for “2wink”, but none of them struck me.

Hm? You’ve got something suited for us? What, are you serious!? Please tell me the details…!

The school SNS? Yeah, I look at it. Work offers and information about dreamfests are announced there, after all.

I haven’t taken a look yet today, so I haven’t checked what sort of information is posted there, though.

Hmm, I see. …There were work offers just a minute ago on the school SNS? Please wait a moment, I’m going to take a look.

Hm~… Ah, is this it? “Sunshower Festa” will be taking place in the shopping district of the next town over, so they’re taking applications for artists, is what it says.

A sunshower is where “rain falls while the sun is up”, after all.

They’ve envisioned it’ll rain as part of the event, and their aim is to blow away the melancholy sky with a bright and lively parade…

It’s true this might be suited for “2wink”.

Anzu-san, thank you for offering us this piece of information…♪ I’m saved and it’s all thanks to you!

What? “Sorry”, you say? Why’re you apologising? You were a big help instead though…?

We asked you to introduce work to us, but you were late in doing so…? Hey, that was just the other day, right?

You were searching for work that would be suited for us ever since then, weren’t you?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We’ve got a performance exam, so I can’t say we can definitely take part in it, though.

There is the possibility. It hasn’t been long since “2wink” has been established, and we’re different from the “units” who wait for work to drop in unexpectedly.

Aniki’s the leader, but I can’t leave everything to him.

I’ll go tell him about this. He should be in the classroom at this time.

Anzu-san, thank you so much…! I’ll take my leave, then ♪

Sunshower Festa Prologue Scene Change.png
Location: 1-A Classroom
Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Heey, Aniki!

Aniki! You’re not here? I know you’re in here. Stop hiding and come out.


(Hmm, it seriously looks like he’s not here? He follows me when I don’t want him to, and yet he’s not there when I need him to be!)

(I guess the other place Aniki might be is the light music club room. But we don’t have club activities today, so I don’t think he’ll go there.)

(“2wink” doesn’t have a lesson today, either. Maybe he went home before me? No no, that’s impossible, even for him.)

(“Yuuta-kun and onii-chan are one in body and soul, after all”, or so he says, so we tend to go home together often…)

(Sometimes I get annoyed at that and run away, but apart from doing that when we get into fights, I don’t usually run away from him.)

(Aw geez, he’s such a handful, this brother of mine…)

(It may have been announced a little while ago, but it’s an offer that was posted on the school SNS, so there’s the possibility other “units” will apply too.)

(I don’t have time to relax~! I’ll ring his phone like crazy and if he still doesn’t notice, then I won’t listen to him!)

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Haha~ HiHi~ HuHu~ HeHe~ HoHo~…♪

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Harukawa-kun…? What’s up? Your classroom is the next one over.

Well, you shouldn’t be hearing that from me, though.

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render.png

Um, please wait a minute! Sora’s thinking~…

Oh, I know! You’re Yuu-chan, huh~ I thought you were Hina-chan for a minute there!

Yuu-chan, do you know where Hina-chan went? Sora has business with Hina-chan~

Is Yuu-chan the same? You’ve got the same “troubled colour” as Sora~ What’s the matter?

  1. Yuuta says this in a singsong sort of way.
Translation: User:Creampuffs
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