Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Location: Shopping District in the Neighbouring Town
Chiaki Morisawa Summer School Dialogue Render

Alright, let’s have a look around the venue for the “Sunshower Festa”! Everyone, let’s go…☆

Nazuna Nito Summer School Dialogue Render

Nh~... It’s kind of bothering me how you’re mingling in as if it’s the most natural thing in the world, but whatever. I did say we’d all go together ♪

Chiaki Morisawa Summer School Dialogue Render

Yep. Ryuseitai is currently on furlough, after all. We didn’t apply for it, but… This project seems really interesting, so in order to use it as a reference, I’d like to take a look around!

Nazuna Nito Summer School Dialogue Render

Hmm, aren’t you eager~? Tsumugi-chin and the others, are you okay with this?

Tsumugi Aoba Summer School Dialogue Render

Yes, that’s no problem~. Right, Natsume-kun ♪

Natsume Sakasaki Summer School Dialogue Render

Have it your wAY. Sora is going around with the kids from 2wiNK, and I don’t want to get in the way of the time spent with his frienDS.

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

He~y, Harukawa-kun. Aniki~...?

(The two of them are walking along the walls and running all over the place, startling the other pedestrians.)

(Well, to Harukawa-kun, the ground and the walls may as well be one and the same.)

(I’m amazed that Aniki is keeping up with Harukawa-kun. They’re both inviting me to join them, but I’m not at the age where I can just act like an idiot without caring what others think anymore...)

(I wish he’d grow up a little. Whenever Aniki does something, it’s me, his little brother, who gets troubled by it after all.)

Owah, someone tapped on my back!? A- a ghost? Or a spirit guide~!?

Anzu-san? S-sorry, I lost my composure for a moment. I didn’t think Anzu-san would be here, so I got really surprised~?

Are you here for shopping? There’s a shopping district close to the school, so maybe you came all the way to the neighbouring town because you couldn’t find what you were looking for over there?

Work…? Could it be that Anzu-san’s work even extends to the “Sunshower Festa”?

But I thought the client is arranging the programme and all that…? In essence, it doesn’t seem like there’s much for Anzu-san to do…?

The production of the outfits? Anzu-san, you’re going to specially create outfits for “Sunshower Festa”? And both sets, too?

Knowing our producer is going to make the outfits motivates me even more...♪

Kaoru Hakaze Summer School Dialogue Render

Tenkousei-chan? So it’s really you, Tenkousei-chan, hey there~ ♪ To think we’d run into each other here, the God of fate must be smiling upon me ♪

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Hakaze-senpai, hello. I heard UNDEAD also applied for the “Sunshower Festa”. Could it be that you came here to check out the venue?

Kaoru Hakaze Summer School Dialogue Render

Ah~, yeah. Sure did.

Tenkousei-chan, I found a stylish café over there, why don’t we have some tea together?

That café has an atmosphere like it’d be difficult for me to enter on my own~, so think of it as helping me out and come with me. That’s fine, right?

You’re in the middle of work, so that’s kind of difficult? I see, I see, Tenkousei-chan is doing her best with her producer work. How admirable ♪

“Sunshower Festa” isn’t really an event that suits UNDEAD all that well.

Even though it’s a job outside of the school, it doesn’t seem like a lot of girls will attend it, right?

So I ki~nda can’t bring myself to be enthusiastic about it. Ahaha, yeah. I really should be taking my work more seriously, huh? I’ll reflect on i~t ♪

Whoops, did I make you angry? Your angry face is charming as well, but I like your smiling face the best~.

Come on, smile, smile ♪

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Um, Hakaze-senpai? It seems like you’re bothering Anzu-san, so…Please let go of her.

Kaoru Hakaze Summer School Dialogue Render

Errrm, which one of the twins are you again…?

Well, whatever. If tea is no good, let’s take a walk about the location together.

In that case it won’t get in the way of your work, so even Tenkousei-chan won’t turn me down, right?

Yep, yep. “If it’s for work, I’ll put up with it”, you say?

Tenkousei-chan really isn’t a straightforward one, huh. I can’t close the distance between us at all. It’s like I’m trying to conquer an impregnable castle.[1]

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Huh, that’s unexpected~. Hakaze-senpai, do you play video games and such?

Kaoru Hakaze Summer School Dialogue Render

Nah, not really…

Hmm? Tenkousei-chan, you play games due to your little brother’s influence? What kind of games? Maybe I’ve heard of them before~.

House dates aren’t half bad, either. Intruding into Tenkousei-chan’s house, and introducing myself to her family and stuff like that.

Attacking Tenkousei-chan directly isn’t bringing any results, so maybe I should clear away other obstacles first~ ♪

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

(Oof, Hakaze-senpai is really only interested in talking to Anzu-san alone.)

(When I talk to him, he just gives half-hearted answers, but as soon as it involves Anzu-san, he replies so animatedly…?)

(I guess he likes Anzu-san. Or rather, he really likes girls?)

Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Yuuta-ku~n! Yuuta-kun wouldn’t catch up with me, so I did a whole lap around the shopping district, it was so lonely~!

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Uwapuh!? Aniki, don’t hug me so forcefully...!

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render

HuHu~, we’re back ♪ Going around in circles was a lot of fun! It’s such a perfectly blue sky~♪

Kaoru Hakaze Summer School Dialogue Render

Uwah, they’re coming in droves…

A babysitting date with Tenkousei-chan, huh… I guess I can think of this as something like our future prospects? Yep, let’s think positive ♪

Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Huh, Hakaze-senpai? And Anzu-san is here as well, the amount of people really went up.

Yuuta-kun, you’re having an affair, huh. How cruel, even though I’m so devoted to Yuuta-kun!

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Don’t say idiotic stuff like that… I just happened to run into Anzu-san and Hakaze-senpai coincidentally.

Sora Harukawa Summer School Dialogue Render

Anzu, doesn’t it hurt to stretch your neck like that~? Is there something up there? Should Sora climb up there?

HeHe~, so Anzu was trying to see where they’re going to hang the umbrellas~. Sora saw it from above earlier, so Sora has a general idea of it!

Over here, over here, please follow Sora...♪

Kaoru Hakaze Summer School Dialogue Render

Hey now, getting a headstart is against the rules… And they’re already gone. You’re quick, but I won’t let you escape, you know?

Hinata Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render

Yuuta-kun, come on, let’s go. It’s a race to see who’s going to catch up with Anzu-san and Sora-kun first, ready, set, go...☆

  1. ”Conquer” is a bit of a gaming term here.
Translation: Bakemonoremy
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