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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
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Location: Sunshower Stage
(Enjoyable Festa) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed.png

Fuhahahaha! Want a balloon? Don’t worry, I won’t take your money, it’s free!

That said, little children take precedence, so I’d like for the adults to hold back on taking them!

Hmm? Over there, is that the transfer student?

Yep yep, it is. To run into you here, what an unexpected meeting… Well, not really.

Today is the day of the “Sunshower Festa”. You’re here as a producer for that, right?

I see, I see. You’re working hard even on your day off ☆

I’m working part-time. They were recruiting people for part-time work and other stuff besides performing for “Sunshower Festa”.

So I applied and got in, and so here I am walking around and handing out balloons.

2wink and Switch are performing in the “Sunshower Festa”, right. It looks like it’s gonna turn into a real large-scale event, so go ahead and support them all you can.

Whoops, I shouldn’t chat with you while in the middle of a part-time job. I’ll return to my work, and you go do your best. Farewell, until we meet again...☆

Akiomi Kunugi School Dialogue Render.png


I was looking for you, please don’t wander around. As you can see it is crowded here, so just looking for a single person gives me a hard time.

While it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings of wanting to take a peek at the food carts, this is work. Leave the playing around for when your job is over.

Well, the staff prepared by the client are working hard… So even though I said all that, it’s not like there’s any work for you to do.

The best you can do now is pray for the “Sunshower Festa” to be a success.

I wouldn’t have minded leaving it all to you. However, it’s a rule that a teacher has to accompany you for jobs outside of the school, so I’ve come to keep an eye on the situation.

...The units appearing in the “Sunshower Festa” are 2wink and Switch, weren’t they?

Looks like those kids are also using the time until their performance to have fun looking around the food stalls.

You may be a producer, but you’re still a student too. It’d be unfair to make you waste your precious youth with nothing but work.

You have your smartphone with you, right? Very well, I’ll contact you later. Until then, feel free to wander around the venue.

What is the matter? Go, before I change my mind.

Rather than spending time with a middle-aged man like me, being with others your age would make you feel more at ease, right?

Well then, excuse me.

(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png


Munch munch, munch munch. Kaoru-chin, want some too? These jelly beans are super delicious~♪

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

I do like sweets, but eating food another guy gave me is kind of… If a girl said “Open wii~de”, I’d open my mouth like a baby bird, though ♪

(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png

Uu~, if you’d prefer a girl, why are you hanging out with me? As long as you’re with me, you can’t do your specialty, that is, hit on girls, Kaoru-chin?

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Rather than hanging out with you, our destination just happened to be the same, Nazuna-kun. And I won’t hit on anyone when the girl I’ve got my eyes on is around.


Speak of the devil, huh. Anzu-chan, hey there~☆ I heard Anzu-chan would be here, so I came running. You alone?

I see, I see, so you were with Kunugi-sensei until a moment ago, but he said you’re free to do as you like now.

In that case, how about a date with me. No?

Ahaha, how cold~. If being alone with me puts you on guard, how about having Nazuna-kun tag along, too?

Nazuna-kun is small so he’s not intimidating, so you should be at ease if we have him along as an observer ♪

(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png

Good grief, don’t use me as a pretext, Kaoru-chin~?

Nh? You want to know what I’m doing here? Mitsuru-chin’s friend is performing in the “Sunshower Festa”, so I came to watch him.

Mitsuru-chin had some other business to attend to today and couldn’t come, so I’m here to cheer in his place ♪

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

You see~ I came here because I heard Anzu-chan would come.

If only we had passed the audition, I wouldn’t have had to make up a reason to come here.

But well, it’s probably for the best that we didn’t pass. The event is being held under the assumption of rain, and yet it’s such a sunny day.

If UNDEAD had passed, Sakuma-san alone might have had to withdraw.

Look, no matter how many umbrellas they put up over the street, the sunlight shining through the gaps between them would be enough to whittle away at his stamina.

And I’d like to avoid having to look after a guy~.

Of course, if it’s Anzu-chan, I’d welcome it with open arms ♪ Being carried by a guy is what every girl yearns for, right? I’ll carry you princess-style~ ♪

(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png

Yeah. Now that Kaoru-chin is coming at her without hesitation, Anzu-chan is visibly troubled…?

Nh? Anzu, you’re interested in that food stall over there? It looks like they’re selling tiny umbrellas and candy in the shape of umbrellas?

They must be specially made for this event~ ♪

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Hmm, I guess they’re well suited as a small souvenir. Anzu-chan, which one would you like? Onii-san is going to buy it for you, okay?

Ahaha, I won’t demand anything in return, don’t worry. Let’s call it a symbol of us making each other’s acquaintance… Well, it’s a bit late for that, though.

(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png

I’ll buy something for everyone in Ra*bits~♪ The mini umbrellas look like they could come in handy.

How about you buy something for the guys in UNDEAD too, Kaoru-chin?

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Nah, I don’t think any of this is suited for UNDEAD. Our direction is a bit different, you know~, cute items like this should go to those who are suited to them.


(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png

What’s up, Kaoru-chin? Did something catch your eye after all?

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

Na~h, but isn’t that Morisawa-kun over there? Looks like he’s handing out balloons, so maybe he’s doing part-time work?

(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png

Ah, you’re right. What should we do, call out to him?

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

I’m good. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of his work, and I already have the oasis for my heart known as Anzu-chan by my side, anyway~ ♪

(Festa Tour) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed.png

You never waver, do you Kaoru-chin…

Hmm? Your phone is ringing, Anzu. Is it from Kunugi-sensei…?

It’s almost time for the “Sunshower Festa” to start, so maybe it’s the paging call for that?

(Festa Scout) Kaoru Hakaze Full Render.png

I see~. It’s a shame, but we can’t detain you here any longer…

Anzu-chan, do your best with your work. I’m cheering you on~, I mean it ♪

Translation: bakemonoremy
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