Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer vacation ch2
Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
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Translation: Mandy
Wataru Hibiki Summer School Dialogue Render

Anyhow. I believe I'm the least restrained in terms of time as I'm able to use mine freely... so I'll go along with whatever's convenient for everyone.

I'll be fine whether you want to take a break and play around or do work and engage in lessons.

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Hmm... what to do. This is a little troubling. Planning out my schedule like this is new to me since I never really think about the future.

Wataru Hibiki Summer School Dialogue Render

Which reminds me, don't you all head to resorts for the summer? The wealthy give off that sort of image, or perhaps I'm just being prejudiced?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Before entering high school, I spent every summer overseas, though in my case it was meant to be for recuperation.

I may not be a vampire, but the harsh rays of the summer sun are still harmful to the body.

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

I'll confirm that as well. The Himemiya family take annual trips abroad during summer vacation.

Though it seems this year my master and mistress are caught up in their work. We'll have to cancel if they're unable to return home from overseas.

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Yes; so I've heard. In the meantime I've taken into account the fact that you two might be absent when making plans.

Still, the Himemiya's seem fairly busy. Lately they've been rapidly trying to expand their business... well, Tori's parents are clever enough to make it work.

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Yeah. There isn't much I can do about it, but it'll be pretty lonely if Papa and Mama don't come home.

Wataru Hibiki Summer School Dialogue Render

Ah, you poor thing! We'll give you as much love as we can in their place~. ☆

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Eggh, quit trying to hug me! You've gotta behold my awe-inspiring self more graciously — I'm the Himemiya Tori! Touching me all you want is totally off limits!

( ... eheheh. Even if Papa and Mama aren't here, I'll be able to distract myself from being lonely as long as I've got everyone in fine. )

( I definitely depend on them too much, though. )

( We're Yumenosaki's top, the strongest unit fine. )

( We can't pretend to be friends or family like the rest of those fools all over the place. )

( Going away for the summer, though... it'd be fun if everyone in fine took a trip together to some southern island. )

( Ditching work, playing in the ocean only to talk all through the night — )

( But. All of that'd just be an unnecessary detour for fine. )

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

( Hmm. I understand what my young master's thinking about perfectly. I haven't been serving as his butler for so many years just for show. )

( However, while he does whatever he pleases at home, for some reason he acts rather reserved around the other fine members... )

( He's keeping those straightforward feelings of his hidden. )

( I ought to be sensible here and step in myself. )

This may just be an impertinent remark on my part, but what would you think... about using the free time we have to take a vacation together on a southern island?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Vacation? That's a rather strange suggestion coming from you... ah. Hmm?

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Wh- what're you saying out of the blue, Yuzuru? I mean, what are you, stupid? Talking about vacation... even if it sounds fun!

fine doesn't have time to spare for stuff like that, okay?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Not at all. I think it's definitely worth considering.

From here on fine should also focus on expanding overseas. It's crucial to get a feel for the atmosphere of the site you're visiting before the actual international tour.

What do you think, my adorable Tori? It won't be an ordinary vacation. It'll be a training camp, a way to rehearse before going on our tour overseas.

From here on out we'll try our hand with some intensive training before arriving at what'll become our overseas stage.

We'll leave the sweltering heat of Japan and hold the greatest lessons in a decent environment. It'll only benefit us in the future if we manage to gain fans overseas as well.

It's a nice idea, Yuzuru. Let's go through with it if no one else objects.

There's a mountain of travel tickets given as a gift at home that my family never even asked for, by the way. Feel free to choose our destination.

A refreshing plateau or southern island would be nice, I imagine. Fufu. My heart's pounding in excitement.

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Eh? Eh? Are you sure, Prez... ?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Yes; I realized this during the Restoration Live, but it's important to take a detour every now and then.

It'd be foolish to spend the time drifting and doing nothing, of course, so I'd like to add meaning to our trip where possible. So let's review everything in earnest and settle on the details.

Ah... but first I'd like to confirm something. You have a passport don't you, Wataru?

There's nowhere pleasant to pass the time in Japan right now, so if possible I'd like to be abroad.

Wataru Hibiki Summer School Dialogue Render

But of course. I've been acting in shows overseas ever since I was a child.

If I'm not mistaken, it still has yet to expire.

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Wah, really... ? I'm so happy. We can really go on vacation together?

J-Just for the training camp, of course. 'cause we're gonna work, right?

( Eheheh... thanks, Yuzuru. You could sense how I felt and made a proposal for me. )

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

( Naturally. A butler's duty is to always make the utmost effort to grant their master's wishes. )

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Quit talking with your eyes, you two... — Yuzuru. Since this was your idea, do you think you could you take over and work out the details?

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Excuse me? You want... me, to do it?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

I do. Since you aren't very proactive, I want you to take the leading role every once in a while.

This is a good opportunity... and it's not as if this'll become a major incident if you fail. I want to leave it all to you, if possible.

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

I see... well, I believe I can carry this out in exacts since setting a schedule happens to be my forte.

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

How promising. Then let's raise the stakes a little. Growth isn't possible without challenging yourself.

I'll be making a few requests in tandem with our vacation plans.

This unreasonable request I'm making of you in particular is... — rather, the conditions I'm presenting to you to be fulfilled in order for us to have as much of a pleasant vacation as possible are: for you to plan, draft, and also lead our entire trip.

I'm sure you'll make us proud, so good luck... Yuzuru. I want the lovely memories we make this summer vacation to be outstanding.

Translation: Mandy
Translation: Trashrye
(Revival) Wataru Hibiki Full Render

In any case, I believe I am the one with least plans and most free time...... So I shall follow your schedules.

I don't mind if you want to play around like a proper holiday, or if you want to have lessons or even jobs.

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Hmm, what to do... This is a bit perplexing. I don't think about the future too much, so trying to make plans like this is new to me.

(Revival) Wataru Hibiki Full Render

By the way, do you not go to summer resorts? I was under the impression that wealthy people like to do that, or is that just a prejudice?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Well, before high school, my family and I usually go to resorts overseas during the summer. Though in my case it was also for recuperation purposes.

Even if I’m no vampire, the summer sun is like poison to me.

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render Bloomed

I’ll speak as well. The Himemiya family also goes to resorts, every year around the middle of summer break.

But it seems the masters are too busy to return to Japan this year, so it might not happen.

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Aah, I heard about that too. The plans I made also took the possibility of you two being absent into consideration.

But I see, so the Himemiya family is busy right now. They recently made a sudden business expansion, after all... But I believe Tori's parents will do a perfect job at it.

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Right. I know it can't be helped, but it does get lonely since Mama and Papa aren't home much.

(Revival) Wataru Hibiki Full Render

Aaah, how pitiful! Don't worry, we will shower you with love in place of your Mama and Papa~ ☆

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Eek, don't hug me like that! Listen here, I am Himemiya Tori! You can't just touch me all you want!

(......eheheh. Actually, I'm not that lonely even though Mama and Papa aren't here, because there's fine.)

(As I thought, I can't keep getting spoiled.)

(Because we are the strongest unit who reigns over Yumenosaki Academy, fine.)

(We can't be playing around, acting like friends or family, like those commoners outside.)

(But still, it’s summer......... If we all could go together somewhere, like the southern islands, it’d be fun.)

(Without having to worry about work, we could play in the sea, or chit-chat until late in the night.......)

(But that's like taking an unnecessary detour for fine.)

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render Bloomed

(Hmm, I can read Bocchama's thoughts like the back of my hand. I didn't stay as his personal butler for a long time for nothing.)

(However, for some reason Bocchama tends to hold himself back around fine members, even though at home he does whatever he pleases...)

(He tends to keep his thoughts to himself, without being able to turn it into words.)

(I suppose this is where I help him and make the suggestion myself.)

If I may speak freely... What do you say about using that blank period to have a vacation to the south, just us fine members?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

A vacation? That's rather unlike you, isn’t it....?

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Wh-what're you saying all of a sudden, Yuzuru? A vacation.... are you stupid? Even though it does sounds fun!

But fine doesn't have that much free time for something like that, okay?!

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Not really, I think it's worth considering.

I do have international expansion as fine's next vision. I think getting to know the land and atmosphere overseas is necessary before we actually hold a live tour there.

How about looking at it like that, dear Tori? It won't be a mere vacation; it's a training camp, a preliminary practice for our international tour.

It will be a special lesson, a test for us in the foreign land that will be our next stage.

We'll have lessons in the best condition possible, away from Japan's stifling heat. Besides, if we perform overseas and gain an audience, it would be beneficial for us in the long run.

I think it's a nice idea, Yuzuru. If the others don't have any objection, let's do that.

By the way, because my family keep getting free tickets sent to us, there's a pile of that at home. Just pick one for our destination.

Maybe the best option is still a plateau where it’s cool, or a southern island. Fufu, I'm getting excited.

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

E-eh?? Are you sure, Kaichou......?

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Of course. Restoration Live the other day made me realize that sometimes, taking a longer walk and having a playful heart are just as important.

Certainly, just spending time without a specific activity is foolish, so I'd like to add as much meaning and value as possible to it. Let's discuss and decide the concrete details together.

Ah... Before that, let's confirm something. Wataru, do you have a passport?

Almost the whole country is under undesirable condition to stay, so going overseas is our best bet.

(Revival) Wataru Hibiki Full Render

I do. I've been doing shows internationally ever since I was young.

I believe the passport I used then has not expired yet.

(Innocent Brows) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Woah, really.....? I'm so happy, I really can go on a trip with everyone?

I-I mean it's a training camp? And we're gonna have work too?

(Ehehe....... Thanks Yuzuru, you noticed my feelings and spoke up in my place, right?)

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render Bloomed

(Of course. It is a butler's job to grant their master's wishes as much as possible.)

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Don't make a conversation using eye contact................ Yuzuru, because you came up with this plan, can you also handle the details?

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render Bloomed


(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Yes. You're not usually active, so I do hope you can stand in the center once in a while.

This a good chance, isn’t it...? It's not a project that would turn into something big, even if you make a mistake.

(Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render Bloomed

Ah........ Well, I do think I can do it decently, as making plans is my forte.

(Anticipation of Autumn) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

How reliable. Well then, let's raise the hurdle for you. We have to keep scaling high walls if we want to grow, after all.

I will add some requests for this vacation project.

I want you to plan, design, and host a pleasant vacation while also completing my unreasonable... I mean, the conditions I set up.

I have high hopes for you, so do your best, Yuzuru... Let us have a fantastic summer vacation to remember.

Translation: Trashrye
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