Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Summer Sky Pilot Chapter 7
Location: Gymnasium
Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render
(What should I do.... Everybody.. is getting excited over their childhood dreams, but....)

(It isn’t as though I wanted to be an idol or a pilot.....)

(Was I out of luck, being born to parents with such strong commercial spirits....?)

(Once I was old enough to be aware of the world around me, I was made to help out with the shop….)

(Well, most of the customers gave me sweets and stuff, so it wasn’t unpleasant to stand in the shop and deal with them, but...)

(While I was very young, I came to think that in the future I would help out with the greengrocer...)

(That feeling was somewhere within me, and so being told to write my “dreams for the future” in the kindergarten graduation writing collection troubled me, didn’t it...)

(Even though the majority of the boys wrote cute, child-like dreams like being a pilot, the same as Morisawa-senpai, or a soccer player, or a baseball player..)

(It was just me with “helping with the greengrocer” so.... the teacher praised me, saying “you help out at home, that’s admirable of you,” but everyone else was different.)

(“Do you like vegetables?” or “Greengrocers are uncool,” and stuff…. I feel like a lot of things were said to me.)

(Kindergarten is at a point just after you’ve become aware of the world around you, so among them, there were kids who said more horrible things, weren’t there?)

(And so, even if I’m asked what my dreams from kindergarten were, I don’t have any good memories of it. I can’t join in the circle with my seniors....)

(But, is it easier this way, I wonder? If I just stand here like a room decoration, the topic probably won’t be brought up, and all.... I’ll stay quiet and listen to my seniors talk.)

Hm...? [Player]-senpai, why did you move over next to me?

They’re getting excited over being a pilot, and stuff, so a girl can’t follow along with it, or something….?

I was being quiet, so you were worried that something was wrong, weren’t you?

[Player]-senpai, you watch your companions well, don’t you? Ahaha, you can’t fool the eyes of a “producer,” huh....?

I.. don’t have any good memories of my dreams from kindergarten, you know.

People often think that, since I entered the idol section, I had originally aimed to become an idol, but....

I just entered by accident, so I didn’t think about that kind of thing….that is…

I think that probably, if I had written “I want to be an idol” instead of “helping with the greengrocer,” I might not have been made fun of so much...

Rather than me, how was it for you, [player]-senpai? If it’s okay, please tell me..... ♪

Hmm. Wanting to be a “cake maker” was your kindergarten dream, was it, [player]-senpai…..♪

Huh? I wouldn’t laugh, you know, not really.....? In the kindergarten where I was, there were a lot of girls who wanted to be cake makers, and all....

I suppose it is a popular profession, after all, isn’t it?

[Player]-senpai, you’re looking away from me, but... Do you.. dislike me now?

I’m so depressed.... I want to die.... The only thing I do is sigh and say that, so you’ve gotten tired of me, haven’t you....

If you don’t want to look at my face, don’t hold back, please say so. I will face the other way, or die right away, so... ♪

Uwah! You’ll surprise people if you grab their arm, you know....

It’s not the case that you’ve come to dislike me?

Is that so.... Ahaha, I feel relieved. ♪

You’re embarrassed about the reason that you wrote “cake maker,” and looked away unconsciously, you say? An embarrassing reason.... Like, because then you could eat cake, or something?

That reaction, it looks like I hit a bulls-eye, doesn’t it....?

You say I did well to figure it out.. in kindergarten, aren't the reasons pretty much like that?

The boys, too, wrote things like “soccer player” or “baseball player” because they’re “cool,” you know....

I wrote “help with the greengrocer,” but..... I wonder if maybe, I admired it as “cool,” somewhere?

Both my mother and my father are hard workers, at any rate, and…. even now, there are times when I think they look cool working, so..... ♪

Chiaki Morisawa Basketball Dialogue Render
The two of you look like you’re having fun chatting, don’t you! Let me in on it, too ☆
Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render
Ughh, I was talking to [player]-senpai, please don’t get in the way, okay…. Morisawa-senpai, please chat with Akehoshi-senpai or Isara-senpai......
Chiaki Morisawa Basketball Dialogue Render
You’re sulking because I got in the way of your time alone with [player]-senpai? That’s youth, isn’t it? You little~ ☆
Midori Takamine PE Dialogue Render
That’s not it..... I was just.. talking to [player]-senpai about kindergarten dreams, the same as you guys were....
Chiaki Morisawa Basketball Dialogue Render
Now that I think about it, we didn’t hear what yours and [player]’s were, did we, Takamine? I feel like I heard “cake maker” or something, but....?

Hmm. It was [player]’s dream to be a cake maker, was it?

That’s a girl for you, huh. Incidentally, my other dream was to have a cute girlfriend make a bento box for me.... ☆

Subaru Akehoshi Basketball Dialogue Render
Uwah, that is information that I super don’t care about~
Mao Isara PE Dialogue Render
After hearing about pilots and stuff, rather, trivial dreams seem nice, though, don’t they? ♪

[Player]’s dream... being a cake maker, was it? For girls, that's a classic one, isn’t it?

But, I wonder if lately, it’s been a bit different. Its popularity as a job hasn’t changed, but something more popular than it has.... to put it bluntly, being an idol, but...

It’s not like I’ve asked people directly. It’s information from my little sister…. but it’s a bit different from that too? That kid, she leaves her own stuff in my room, you know.

And, that sort of thing was written in a book I happened to pick up.

I thought “idols are popular now, aren’t they~” but, it was information written in a book, and all. Sometimes, the truth is different, see.

Chiaki Morisawa Basketball Dialogue Render
That is not so, you know?

“Ryuseitai” does hero shows in the park, but among the children who gather there, there are also some kids who dream of becoming idols, see.

There are little girls there who say they watch the hero shows and admire us, too, you know! I’ve been begged for an autograph, too!

Subaru Akehoshi Basketball Dialogue Render
Ohh? I thought it was just boys who went to see hero shows, but girls go to see them too, don’t they? How unexpected~
Mao Isara PE Dialogue Render
“Ryuseitai’s” hero shows, rather than idol performances, they’re closer to tokusatsu, and all….

That, rather than idols, aren’t they kids admiring heroes.....?

Chiaki Morisawa Basketball Dialogue Render
Heheh. The girls are still quite few in number, but, see. Whether they’re boys or girls, receiving support from the little tykes is a happy thing.... ♪

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