Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Summer Sky Pilot Chapter 1
Location: 2-A Classroom
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Phew, it’s finally after class, isn’t it~☆ It makes you excited just to say “after class,” doesn’t it! ♪

The exhilaration of being freed from class is rushing throughout my body. I can’t stand still~ Dash, dash ☆

Ahaha, that’s like something that someone from somewhere would say~♪

More importantly, [player], what’s wrong? Looking out with your elbows on the windowsill, is there something interesting out there~?

That is- that’s dangerous, you know. The second year students’ classrooms are on the second floor, so if your hand slips by accident, you’d get really hurt, and all….

You’re sighing, too, but…? Are you worried about something? If so, then talk to be about it, okay?

The “Producer”..... [player] is my friend. When my friends have gloomy faces, I get sad too, you know. Look, smile, smile~☆

Ahaha, thank goodness. What an amazingly sparkly smile~♪

Hm? Even if you lower your head and say “give me work, please”~.....?

Hmmm, a big job…. The “S1” ended, and so now you have nothing to do because your work as a “producer” has almost completely run dry, huh.

Could it be that’s the reason you were sighing?

[Player], you’re weird, aren’t you~ If you don’t have work, don’t you want to take the opportunity and go play?

I love to party it up, so see~ Do you want to make some noise with me, [player]? Yahoo~☆

Ahh, yeah. If you’re frolicing around for no reason without anything to celebrate, there’s no point to it, is there?

But, after this, tons of events will come up, you know~♪

The “S1” is over, but when we get into summer vacation, doesn’t it sound like it would be fun to play around at the beach and go and watch fireworks and stuff?

The beach is right behind Yumenosaki Academy, so if we wanted to go, we could run there from the Academy in our bathing suits and all, couldn’t we? I hope summer vacation comes soon, you know~☆

Whoops, sorry. You were fretting because you wanted work, weren’t you, [player]? But even so, nothing jumps out at me like good work to give you, does it~

If there was something, the word would have come from Hokke, and all.

Just like you, I have nothing to do today, do I, [player]? “Trickstar” doesn’t have practice, either, and all….Maybe I’ll show my face at club activities for once in a while, shouldn’t I?

I love moving my body, so, see, I love to play basketball, too~☆

But, Club Captain Chi-chan is in the basketball club, isn’t he, you know… I don’t really dislike him, but I’m just a little bad at handling him.

That person, he comes up and hugs you no matter what season it is, so, see.. in the winter, it’s just right because he’s like a hot water bottle, but in the summer, it’s just hot.

Ahaha, you get hugged a lot by Club Captain Chi-chan, too, [player]?

It’s not a problem if it’s me or another club member, but when you’re his target, [player], I feel like it becomes sexual harassment, though…..?

At any rate, I intend to go to club activities, but if you want, will you come too?

[Player], you haven’t joined a club yet, right? It looks like you’re trying out clubs here and there, but it seems like you can’t decide?

When your “producer” work is busy, you can’t get around to club activities too, can you~ There’s no need to hurry and all, so you can just decide at your own pace, can’t you?

If you said you wanted to try out the basketball club too, I’d think they would let you do it, wouldn’t they~ Ah, but, we have morning practice and stuff and all. It might be hard for you to do, [player]....?

It would be good if we had a girls’ basketball club, too, though. Even if you don’t become a club member, you could always become manager too and all….. How about it, huh? Will you want to go observe once?

You’ll observe, you say? Then, before you change your mind, [player], let’s go….. ☆

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render
Akehoshi! Is Subaru Akehoshi here…..!?
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Ugh! A troublesome person has come, hasn’t he….? Club Captain Chi-chan, don’t sit in my seat without my permission, okay?
Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render
Ohh! Akehoshi. You were with [player], as well, were you? Yes, it’s youth….. ☆
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Ahh! Don’t stand up all the sudden! The textbooks in the desk will fall from the shock~!
Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render
Sorry, Akehoshi! At any rate, I’m glad you were here!

You disappear fast, so, see, if you weren’t in the classroom, I was about to go searching around everywhere, you know.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Did I.. promise to do something with you, Club Captain Chi-chan….?
Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render
You didn’t. Since I found you, Akehoshi, from here I’ll go to Isara’s classroom, and then last is Takamine’s classroom, isn’t it? ☆
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
Sari~ and Takamin? They’re both members of the basketball club, aren’t they? Does that mean you intend to gather the members to play basketball?
Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render
Ohh! You’ve got good intuition, haven’t you, Akehoshi? That is the case…..☆
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
If you just think about it normally, you’d understand that, so….. But, it’s unusual for you to come get us like this, isn’t it, Club Captain Chi-chan.

You seem to basically leave it up to what the club members want to do~ don’t you?

Chiaki Morisawa School Dialogue Render
For me personally, I’d want to strive every day in club activities, but that wouldn’t fly, would it?

Since during the “S1” recently… “Tanabata Festival,” there was no time for club activities and all. And we get called on by name to do idol work, as well, don’t we?

That is- we’re high school students, as well. It’s youth-like to sweat it out in club activities, like high school students, right?

It would be a waste to spend our short time as high school students just doing idol activities!

And also, we have the basketball club’s training camp coming up soon, so, see, around here is where I want us to be deepening our bonds as fellow club members, and aiming for national domination…...☆

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render
National domination, that’s too grandiose….

But, it might be good to deepen our bonds, huh? When we go to play basketball now, it usually ends in a mess, and all.

We should think of ways to practice that match with the club members’ levels, you know.

Takamin is a beginner, so if we don’t think about the training menu thoroughly and practice, he won’t acquire any skill.

The basketball club’s training camp, too….. last year, we were all disorganized about it and couldn’t do one, so, see.. this year, I want to have one like we should, you know?

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