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Summer Live ~Part 1~
サマーライブ ~前編~
Summer Concert ~Part 1~ (Episode)
Episode 16
Air Date October 27, 2019
Dub Release November 24, 2019
Blu-Ray Volume 6
Chapters Summer Live: Prologue -
Exchange 5
Amusement Live: Prologue
Concerto (visuals)

The sixteenth episode of the Ensemble Stars! Anime Adaption by David Production. The opening song is キセキ (Miracle) [Eden Ver.], and the ending song is Magic for your "Switch". The commercial break illustrations are from (Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe and (Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami.


Summer vacation is announced, but everyone is busy, and Trickstar is going to be participating in Summer Live. Anzu has a job for 2wink at the amusement park, and Yuta eagerly accepts. Makoto and Anzu head to the arcade after a chat with Tsumugi, meeting Jun. Afterwards, Makoto and Jun head back to Yumenosaki. Meanwhile, Hokuto and Eichi meet with Hiyori, leader of Eve, who antagonizes him into an early lesson to test his skill. Yuta and Nazuna chat at the amusement park about their upcoming live. After a meal, Subaru and Mao join up with the others in Trickstar and Eve in the lesson room. After the credits, Madara and Leo are seen performing at a concert hall.

Character Appearances in Order

Characters in italics are seen but do not speak during the episode.

CD Songs Played

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