Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Prologue
Location: In Front of the Station
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Ooi, Anzu-chan♪

Yahoo~ What a coincidence to meet you here. What are you doing?

Hmm, so you’re in the middle of work, again…? The student council president requested some things from you, so you’re out to shop? It’s break, though. If you keep at that, you’ll find yourself passing out from exhaustion one of these days.

Fufu. Because of your big success with Tanabata Festival from a while back, you must’ve garnered much esteem as a producer.

That’s why they keep requesting you for work, isn’t it?

Right right, that happens a lot. The happy sort of busyness, isn’t it? Of course everyone wants to give work to the person with capabilities.

But I see. So you’re in the middle of working for the student council…

I guess that means you won’t show up for our practice for Summer Live this afternoon?

I’m sure it’s a good thing that you’re so well-regarded now, Anzu-chan.

But as a result, you starting to get lots of work unrelated to us Trickstar, too… I feel we’ve become distant, it’s a little lonely.

Although you never were exclusive to us; you’re everyone’s producer.

Hmm? What’s with that pose…? Why are you enthusiastically waving around that Trickstar hand fan?

You make some strange gestures sometimes, Anzu-chan… Is that supposed to be your way of asserting ‘Don’t worry, I’m still Trickstar’s fan’?

Thank you. It’s okay, I wasn’t doubting that. Thanks for always cheering on us, for always supporting us.

We have faith in you and treasure you all the same, you know… Producer♪

Fufu. How about I help out with work?

I’m free until our lesson in the afternoon, so I was just about to wander around the arcades.

I’m thinking if your work can be finished early, you might get some time to check out our practice.

I know everyone will be happy if you show up, Anzu-chan.

Ahaha. Don’t hold back~

If you’re out shopping, you’ll need someone to carry all the luggage, right? I’ve been working out on my own initiative since Oogami-kun’s drills, so I should be in shape.

Despite how I look, I’m still a guy, so I’ll be happy to be relied on… Err, though I won’t force you if you don’t want to.

…Really? I can help? Yay! At your service, then♪

Tsumugi Aoba Summer School Dialogue Render
Hiyori-kuuun? And uh, Sazanami-kun? Is anyone from Reimei Academy here?
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Hn? Huh, that’s Aoba-senpai from Switch, right…? What is he doing?
Tsumugi Aoba Summer School Dialogue Render
Oh? Hello, Anzu-chan, Yuuki-kun~♪
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Hello, Aoba-senpai. Is something wrong? It seems you were looking for someone…
Tsumugi Aoba Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah, yes. As part of Trickstar, you should know already, Yuuki-kun. We’re inviting students from another school as guest stars for the Summer Live that will be held the week after the next.

Today, I’m supposed to pick them up from the station and show them until Yumenosaki…

…but they haven’t shown up even past the promised time, so I’m at loss.

Umm, the two of you, have you seen anyone who might be them, somewhere?

I can’t describe them well, but uh… they should be like, wearing the Reimei Academy uniform!

Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Reimei Academy… Ah, the newly-established school that’s been the talk recently, huh? It’s been a hot topic throughout the internet that they’re rapidly rising in power.

I see. So idols from Reimei Academy will be taking part in the Summer Live.

We Trickstar are taking part in the Summer Live as a representative of Yumenosaki Academy…

But I still don’t know much since they haven’t told us the details.

Huh? Wait, I heard we’re the only Yumenosaki idols participating…

Aoba-senpai, is Switch going to take part as well?

Tsumugi Aoba Summer School Dialogue Render
No, no. I was asked to be the guide because I’m acquainted with the Reimei representative, that’s all.

He’s hard to please, so we fear he might just go home if we’re not careful.

…Oh, speak of the Devil. It’s a call from the problem child.

Excuse me for a moment… Hello, Hiyori-kun? Where are you right now?

Eh!? You spotted a good store so you went there to browse around? You’ll go to Yumenosaki once you’ve shopped to your fill?

No no, please don’t just do whatever you want and cause me trouble!

Hiyori-kun, wasn’t there a time you totally ignored your promise and shopped until night after saying that!?

Argh, sheesh! I’ll pick you up at the store so please tell me the name!

Please don’t move from there, okay? Geez, as impetuous as ever…!

Uugh. Umm, I’m sorry, Yuuki-kun… You too, Anzu-chan.

I think you heard our conversation; I’ll be going to the store that the Reimei kids are visiting.

So please excuse me.

Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah, yes… I don’t know what’s going on, but please hang in there.
Tsumugi Aoba Summer School Dialogue Render
Sure~ This type of thing was an everyday occurrence back when I was still in fine, so I’m used to it to an extent.

But it’s been such long while, I’ve forgotten the tricks.

Fufu. I don’t wish to speak ill of my old friend, but…

He’s one taxing child to deal with, so… please be careful, Trickstar.

Drop your guard and you’ll just be played to the end.

Translation: kotofucius
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