Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Omen 4
Location: Arcade
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Ehehe. Isn’t it great your shopping went quick, Anzu-chan?

They do say that it’s better to settle errands as fast as possible. If not, you’ll find yourself too tired for the actual important job, and trip up over a careless mistake.

Just kidding; was that too arrogant of me… hya!?

W-What? Why did you press a cold sports drink against my neck?

Ah, did you expect some artful, exaggerated reaction from me!? I’m sorry I wasn’t funny enough!

Fufu. So because it’s awfully hot today as expected of summer, I should keep myself hydrated… is it? That’s what you thought, so you bought this from the vending machine for me?

Thank you~ I feel bad that you paid for this, so I would love to pay you back; but I’ll take it as a tip for helping you with shopping.

Hehe, it might be condescending of me, but we managed to do our shopping efficiently and smartly thanks to me looking up shops on the internet, after all.

I’m so glad~ That I was of use to you, Anzu-chan♪

If all I could do was slow you down despite being the one to offer assistance to start with, that would seriously make me a useless kid who needs to be babysat.

I was panicked, though~ I thought you might need another pair of hands to carry the luggage since you said you were going shopping, but…

Then it turned out all the ordered items would be sent directly to Yumenosaki Academy.

I’m glad I managed to be of some assistance at least with searching for shops.

Fufu. Now we have a lot of free time. Anzu-chan, you don’t have anything special to do after this either, right?

Then let’s kill some time until afternoon practice… and head to the academy together. Be there for our practice for Summer Live, okay?

Uhh, was that alright? Voice out your opinions sometimes, okay~? Is this fine? Am I not forcing my company on you and troubling you, Anzu-chan?

Umm, if you don’t hate it, I was wondering if we could play at the arcade together. But do you prefer that we go to a café, Anzu-chan?

Umm, so you know. In the Game Club that I used to be part of, there was this almost-legendary, amazing upperclassman…

He gave up on being an idol, dropped out, and somehow entered a video game company.

Yeah, that upperclassman I brought up when we were telling you about the past.

So apparently, that upperclassman finally finished developing this one game which planning was entrusted to him.

It’s the sequel to a popular title, so it seems the arcade has it.

It’s a title I’ve always liked, plus I’m curious what kind of game an upperclassman I’m acquainted with could’ve made… I was hoping to play that game.

Will you join me? Do girls not like games…?

Not true? Ah, your little brother used to love video games, so you often played with him, huh…?

If you don’t know the newer titles, maybe we should play retro games instead.

This arcade is filled with all sorts of those.

Look, there’s P*cman and G*adius and also Super Gu*sun Oyoyo…♪

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah, look! As you’d expect from Yumenosaki Academy’s territory~ They have crane games with a bunch of idol goods!

How about Trickstar goods… Hmm, I’m not really seeing them.

Good if it’s because they’re so popular they ran out fast; but most likely we’re just not popular enough.

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render
Oi! You… Can’t you hear me, you Glasses-kun over there?
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Hwe!? Eh, I’m sorry! Were you talking to me what could you need from me!?
(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami CG
(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render
What do I need…? Can’t you tell? I’m talking ‘bout cash, y’know.
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Eh, eh?

(Eeek!? What’s going on? Just as my outing with Anzu-chan is getting to feel like a date!

I didn’t think we’d run into trouble~ Getting called out by a boy who looks somewhat like a thug!

What does he mean by cash? No way… is he extorting me!?

I-If we can settle things with money I’d hand it over to him with a ‘sorry’ and run away, but! How can I be so pathetic with Anzu-chan right there looking at me?

But I can’t fight, and just by being involved in violence, my career as an idol will be taking a blow…

Rather, shouldn’t I just apologize and run away, before Anzu-chan gets in trouble too?

I’m totally fine being made fun of!

But I can’t let a thug getting near Anzu-chan and saying and doing cruel things to her!)

E-Excuse me? I don’t have much on hand, but…

Huh… my wallet’s gone!

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render
Yeah, that’s what I was saying: you dropped your wallet…
Makoto Yuuki Summer School Dialogue Render
Translation: kotofucius
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