Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Monologue
Location: Garden Terrace
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
(A week passes by so quickly.

…Is this truly okay?

I can’t help but fall into thoughts; it’s a bad habit of mine.

But everyone else would rush without thinking, so I felt it’ll make things more balanced if at least I use my brains in their stead.

But I can’t stand if I were to be left behind while my mind is swimming in worries.

A week can be both short and long. Come to think of it, we only had a short time to prepare for S1 and DDD during our revolution, as well.

Amidst that, we struggled to death, exerted every possible effort, and evolved. We’ve done the same this time too; I’m sure we can grow on a better direction.

…But is that really true? Aren’t we just carried away by our surroundings? I can’t stop pondering over all these doubts, but what lies beyond is an uncharted domain no one knows the right answer to.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt so uneasy. Really, when I look back on it, I can’t help thinking we might have took things too easy.

As if being chosen as representatives for SS makes us so great.

That’s not true. We’re still nowhere close to our goal. We can’t let the status quo satisfy us that we stop walking.

We must exert ourselves, deepen our friendship, and attain that victory without fail.)

(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Yes yes! You must be mulling over superfluous things again!
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
…!? Tomoe-senpai, since when were you there?
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
I just arrived, you see? Still, that’s amazing, Hokuto-kun. I thought I was someone with relatively powerful presence, but you didn’t notice me coming at all!

Now, you were making a difficult face again, what were you thinking?

You know what they say: shoddy thinking may as well be worse than none at all! Ahaha♪

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
It should be obvious—our joint lesson today will begin soon. I was determining the course of action I must take before it starts.

I can’t make a move without gathering my thoughts first

I’m Trickstar’s leader. I must be able to see the entirety of things.

(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
I can agree to that. If the one who stands at the top were to falter, that’ll leave those below him in disarray.
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
You are always so quick to speak about standing.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
You don’t like it? Hierarchy is important, though. Humanity is just one type of animal that lives in packs, after all.

Somewhere, at the instinctual core of our being, we seek to abide by a strong and righteous God.

Extraordinary efforts are needed to defy such instinct.

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
Are you trying to say that you’re—that Eve is—such supreme existence?

You gave us many ‘instructions’, didn’t you? Like you’re so great…

You did that when we met face-to-face for the first time that day—to all of us. Like you’re somehow above us even though we’re supposed to be equals as work partners.

(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Ahaha. You don’t have to obey me if you don’t like it. But things will definitely go well if you do as I say.

While it wasn’t like I did everything, I was indeed a member of fine who once reformed Yumenosaki Academy.

Even for just a split moment, I stood at the top of this miniature garden.

You should take your predecessor’s advice to mind, Hockey Mask-kun♪

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
…Don’t call me by that name.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Why? You looked far more animated that day, atop that stage, wearing a mask on you.

At your root, you’re… the submissive type of human. Rebellious phase doesn’t suit you.

Hidaka-sensei was worried about you. It feels disquieting looking at what you do, he said.

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
My father has nothing to do with this. It’s my life. I don’t like strangers meddling with it.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Me aside, I don’t agree to calling your own father a stranger.

You were born to outstanding parents, so what’s so bad about taking advantage of the chance~? It’s enough cause for envy, really.

Ah well. We’re passing strangers, and we’ll be saying farewell at the end of summer.

But while you’re still in my line of sight—since you’ve been allowed to stand on the same stage…

I think you should try to absorb all sorts of things from us.

You’re a thoroughbred of the entertainment world; all the components you need have always existed in your blood. You shouldn’t shy from it; bring out that potential.

First, you should learn skills as I ‘instructed’ you to! It’s needed for Summer Live, so it’s a matter of urgency for you!

Let me see the product of that! I’ll pick at your flaws to kill time until the others gather♪

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
…I accept. Prepare to be struck with wonder, Tomoe-senpai.
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka CG
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
……What’s with the delightful pose?
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
Wasn’t this your ‘instruction’? I have a downcast appearance compared to everyone else, so I should balance it out by being bolder, right?

I took that advice to heart and practiced it. How does my idol pose look?

(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Right… Looking closely, it’s not so bad, but I’ll subtract some points since you still look sheepish.

And your sense of timing was horrible. You startled me by making that funny pose with no forewarning.

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
I see. It was no good?
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Oh no, it was fine. I acknowledge your effort… Continue your endeavors.

(Hm~m… Just like Hidaka-sensei said: what an unrewarding kid to teach.

He possesses the capacity to accomplish anything, so why does he end up with such an absurd comprehension of what was taught?

How artless… No, perhaps this boy’s capacity is so massive…

That his entirety remains unobservable, and we can only pick up the visible components and judge from that… which makes him hard to be assessed with precision. That’s what this feels like.

Either way, if he could manifest the skill I ‘instructed’ him to until Summer Live, it should be enough.

I hope he makes it in time. …Well, at this heat, ice would melt in no time.)

Translation: kotofucius
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