Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Foreign Enemy 4
Location: Student Council Room
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
Anyway, Tsumugi was supposed to pick you up, but… I don’t see him. Don’t tell me you left him behind, Hiyori-kun?
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Oh, I’m having Tsumugi-kun transport my things to the hotel!

I had a little too much fun shopping, but it was such pain to carry all of the luggage myself, you know?

Well, he has nothing to do with our current topic, so what does it matter? Leave that side character be, and let’s start our discussion as the main roles!

Okay, so I’ll lay down Eve’s plans for Summer Live, first of all!

If possible, I need you to move only as I instruct you to… as I desire!

That way, we’ll definitely succeed! There’s no demerit for you, is there?

Hokuto Hidaka Summer School Dialogue Render
Wha—Wait a second. What are you just suddenly… that’s too one-sided. This is a joint live, so we must work on even footing. We’ll try to be as cooperative as possible, too.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Yes yes, I’m happy you feel that way! But do you know only unsatisfactory results can be borne out of matching with those who are inept?

How unbearable were a Live that Tomoe Hiyori, that Eve participates in… ends up as such an uneventful, tasteless, and tedious piece of art.

We consented to cooperating with you due to instructions from our agency this time. To be perfectly honest though, I’d love to excuse myself from having to costar with minor characters like you all.

At least try not to get in the way, okay? I’ll kick you out of the stage if you turn out to be such an ugly sight.

Hokuto Hidaka Summer School Dialogue Render
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
…Don’t look at me for help, Hokuto. I told you beforehand that he’s this sort of child, right?

Being your mutual acquaintance, I’m simply here to set up a meeting for you two and act as the mediator.

I’d like to refrain from getting involved in deciding the content of the Summer Live.

I can’t have you depending on me too much, really. Well, though if you really insist…

Anyway, everything starts from experience. Just try to deal with this by yourselves as a start.

I’ll offer you an advice, at least: if you don’t counter his argument with something, Hiyori-kun will selfishly move onto the next topics.

At least show some resistance before it’s too late.

Negotiate with perseverance, work hard so Trickstar can reap even the slightest bit of benefit.

The fight has started. Drop your guard, and it’ll end when he’s done exploiting every bit of you.

So that you can protect your precious comrades, Trickstar… No, so you can polish them to shine brighter—leave no stone unturned.

That’s your role to play, Trickstar’s leader-kun

(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Yes yes, how soft of you, Eichi-kun! You’re taking the effort to explain every little thing to him?

I see you’re being a proper senpai! Wow, human beings really do grow, after all!

But it’s a little… irksome. I wish you’d leave the room, because this boy will be hard to manipulate to my convenience if you’re here.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
I’m shamelessly attending your meeting like this exactly so I can prevent that.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
So kind. No—you really have changed, Eichi-kun. You used to have more spark, like how Nagisa-kun has been recently.
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
Fufu. It seems you’re still the best of friends with him.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Nah, I just like him one-sidedly! He doesn’t mingle with anyone; after all, he’s a child who lacks the function to love another human!

But well, he’s one of the numerable few… whose existences I permit in this Earth. And our affinity is unsurpassable, so I think of him as a lifelong partner.

There’s the agency’s instruction too, of course, but that is the main reason I still work together with that exasperating boy as Eden.

After all, I would refuse to stand, for even a second, next to someone I dislike.

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render
Hmm. Well, that someone standing next to you probably thinks the exact same thing as you.

In any case, thanks to Hiyori-kun’s implacably late arrival, our schedule is pressed for time.

This meeting, or rather, the time you have left to talk face-to-face with him like this will run out soon.

Say something, Hokuto. If not for his agency forcing him to, he really won’t deign to converse with someone who doesn’t interest him.

Maybe you won’t get another chance at discussion.

If you have something to say, do that while there’s still time.

Hokuto Hidaka Summer School Dialogue Render
No. I predict talking will get me nowhere. He’s completely looking down on me.

Tomoe… senpai doesn’t seem to lend ears to those he views to be below him.

Then I must start from proving ourselves to him. We’ll show you what we’re capable of during the afternoon practice.

I’ll prove that we’re a beneficial unit to partner with.

That’s when any discussion is feasible. Isn’t that right, Tomoe-senpai?

(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Yes yes, unexpectedly enough, you can see through what is truly important! Most people would shrivel upon their first contact with me.
Hokuto Hidaka Summer School Dialogue Render
I’m no stranger to dealing with hyperactive weirdos, circumstances being as they are.
Translation: kotofucius
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