Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Foreign Enemy 1
Location: Garden Terrace
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Thanks for the meal~ Whew, that was good stuff♪
Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
You speak like a middle-aged man, Isara-kun.
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Uwoh that surprised me!? I told you not to creep up from beneath me like some kind of snake, Ritsu~…

No, wait? Sakuma-senpai!?

Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Yes. …Even though you call Ritsu by his name, how long do you plan to call me ‘Sakuma-senpai’ like we’re strangers? What a lonely treatment.
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Ah… Sorry. Is that rude?
Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
It is fine. I have not bestowed many things for Ritsu; at the very least I don’t wish to take anything from him.

…I don’t suppose you understand even if I say that, yes?

In any event, Isara-kun; you have practice in the afternoon. If you eat too much, will you not end up spewing everything out? Well, the young’uns process food fast, I suppose.

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Ahaha. I just have this frugal mentality, so when I saw they didn’t charge for larger serving, I couldn’t help eating too much.
Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
I see. Eat lots and become a big man.
Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Sakuma-senpai, you look sleepy… Well, it’s the middle of the day, so usually it’s your time to sleep, isn’t it?

But the cafeteria floors are actually pretty dirty, so you shouldn’t lie around down there.

Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Yes, but the season being as it is, it is too stifling to be inside the coffin…

While I was roaming over the school for a cool place that can shield me from the sun, I just found myself at this place.

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
What terrifying sleepwalking habits… But wasn’t your coffin equipped with a fridge?
Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
The little thing is being sent for maintenance~ It broke down recently when I washed my coffin.

I asked Mikejima-kun to fix it up for me.

That child is skilled with jobs of that nature; fiddling with machines, making musical instruments…

As to be expected of my successor. He can do anything if he tries.

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Huh, he didn’t look the type… I mean, assuming he’s not dexterous because he’s huge would be prejudiced, I guess.

Anyway, how did you know there will be lesson for Summer Live this afternoon, Sakuma-senpai?

Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Kukuku. I know everything; anything there is about Yumenosaki Academy.

To reveal my trick, however—I have the hobby of wandering around the garden terrace, you see.

Occasionally I would have a light exchange with Tenshouin-kun, who has made this area the meeting place for his club.

Tenshouin-kun appeared more grave than usual… He even sought for my opinion. Perhaps it would rain today.

In any case, as it is the nature of demons to answer when inquired, I bestowed upon him some advice.

I have many connections, including outside of the school, so I even became a mediator for him.

How curious, that a day would come where Tenshouin-kun and I cooperate for the same goal… I hope you would not let our efforts to waste.

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Yeah, we’ll give it our all. But it doesn’t feel real, that we’ll represent Yumenosaki Academy for SS.

It all feels like a dream. Until recently, we were nobodies.

Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
But it is real. You must advance with such grave resolve, or you would fail to gain anything, merely broken up to pieces as the storm passes through you.

Show your best efforts; we are here to support you.

Of course, were you to find yourself in some sort of trouble, you are free to seek my advice and I shall give it to you, Isara-kun.

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Thank you very much, Sakuma-senpai.

In reality, we Trickstar still don’t have enough skills or name. Without everyone around us to help, we’ll be nothing.

Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Well, relying on no one does not necessarily make you strong.

No matter how great a demon, they will one day fall at the hands of the great mass that repeatedly challenges them.

Your opponent, Eve, is a two-person unit. You are above them in terms of numbers.

Plus, the Summer Live will be held in our home base. You have many fans here.

Take advantage of the geography, enchant the mass, and raise as heroes once more.

As protagonists of a story… yes? Do well, and I shall give you a pat on the head♪

Mao Isara Summer School Dialogue Render
Please don’t treat me like a kid~…

Well, it’s not like we have the choice to return to starting point like in a game of sugoroku. Gotta pull ourselves together and advance forward.

That our enemy remains unknown is what’s scary. The president asked me to gather some records, but I still don’t grasp anything vital about them.

The leader of Eve, Tomoe Hiyori-senpai was enrolled to Yumenosaki Academy in the past…

I thought we would have data on his special skills, or his signature songs.

In reality, couldn’t find a thing even after fishing through the entire archive room. Being the scion of some wealthy clan, he must be thorough in the protection of his personal info.

If I knew this would happen, I would’ve been more serious and kept track of fine’s stages as a first year.

I just skipped past them, thinking those extravagant happenings were beyond me.

Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render
Fufu. That’s because that was how Tenshouin-kun’s group set it up to be.

During that era… Save for the protagonists, fine, and the evil they must defeat, the Five Oddballs—the rest of you were purposefully reduced to witnesses to the story.

Not given the right to leave the seats until the performance ended, your role was simply to shower them with applause…

It was a solid story, after all; and to begin with, protagonists have the unique power to move their surroundings in such way.

However, you children broke free from that curse and just once, managed to win against fine… against Tenshouin-kun.

Without letting the past heroes toying with you as they please—show us the power of you youths.

You have my expectations, Trickstar.

Translation: kotofucius
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