Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Exchange 3
Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render

(…It’s strange.

Tomoe-senpai said, If you can talk so big, let’s see what you have! So I tried singing through the songs for Summer Live, but…

I’m being unimpressive. This isn’t good; I can imagine him criticizing me for putting up a pathetic performance for someone so insolent…

In the first place, Trickstar is a four-person group, and our songs are made to be that way.

I’m doing something that’s supposed to take four people, so flaws are coming through.

Of course I can’t do anything about that, so I should just carry out the role I usually shoulder with perfection… that’s what I thought, but was being alone always so disheartening?

Before I realized it, I’ve gotten accustomed to fighting with my comrades by my side. Even though in the past, I would always hold my ground all alone…

Have I become dependent, completely reliant on my comrades, and gotten weaker from it?)

(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Hokuto-kun, Hokuto-kun! I don’t mind if you keep singing, but listen to my words!

You seem to be having a foul weather! You don’t appear to be in good condition.

It’s been so stupidly hot lately, after all~ It exhausts more energy out of you than you yourself might think!

Children like you often fail to notice that, striving for the impossible under the impression you’re all healthy and breaking down from that.

It’s a problem if your group that we partner with falls in number, so keep it in moderation, will you?

Maybe you’re heated up because you want to triumph over me. Well I’m sorry, but you should forget that for now and perform in your natural state.

No matter how hard you small fries try, you’ll never impress me. So don’t mull over such pointless things, and just sing with freedom.

It’s getting a little unpleasant to listen to, you see. Even if just one, you have an audience: me. So as an idol, you should be granting bliss and happiness upon me.

I can’t feel any love from your song! Aren’t you making ‘defeating your opponent’ your goal here?

Aah, how nostalgic is that cursed tradition of Yumenosaki Academy! Songs should have more love!

Honestly, the unit system is both Eichi-kun’s achievement and fault.

He’s too focused on raising the base level that he’s forgetting advancement; I know he’s trying to start by creating an accommodating environment, but still.

I think humanity is a much higher life form than that. Eichi-kun’s using his weak self as a reference… as always.

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
…So you just look on from a safe height as you spew out your complaints?
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Oh, you want to sing together?

From your talk a while back, it seems you Trickstar utilize camaraderie and solidarity as your weapons.

Even if incomplete as individuals, by bringing out the best in all of you, you cause an explosion through your synergy! That sort of unit, right?

Enlighten me, if my interpretation is incorrect!

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
…No. That’s correct; that’s the sort of unit we are.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Yes yes! I thought so! Although in my opinion, if you can’t stand on your own you’re a failure of a human being—no different from a newborn or a monkey.

Well, there’s nothing to do about that, I suppose—as living beings, you’re still in your infancy, still evolving!

Solidarity! Teamwork! Power of friendship! They sound beautiful on paper, but how repugnant, is the lifestyle reminiscent of weak living things who survive on parasitizing each other?

There’s worth in each person reaching out for heights as separate individuals and growing into strong living beings!

Wouldn’t you end up with bigger results when multiplying bigger numbers?

It’s a simple math, Hokuto-kun♪

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
It’s been bothering me—stop calling me by my given name. You’re being overfamiliar, former fine.
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
That also goes for you, who doesn't bother to adorn your words despite being younger, and are so quick to pick a fight.

We’ll have to cooperate for Summer Live, so let’s keep things peaceful♪

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
If you want us to get along, how about reforming a little bit of that irritating attitude?
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Ahaha! That’s impossible! I can’t change my personality!

To make my older brother who must one day rebuild the fallen Tomoe Clan appear superior in comparison, I relegated myself into the role of a cheeky problem child…

Were I to say that, would you believe me?

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
…Are you trying to say there’s a reason you became the person you are?
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Ahaha! Nope, none of such complex, saddening backstory!

Even if there’s such murkiness inside me, I won’t show them on stage, so no need to worry!

If a shadow were to creep over the sun, the pitiful mass will become uneasy♪

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render
(Summer Time) Hiyori Tomoe Full Render
Hey hey! Your concentration is broken, greenhorn! Don’t let your guard down for even a second; maintain a perfect performance at all times!

Well, for anyone that isn’t me to accomplish such thing… is impossible, I suppose!

Fufu. I can’t stand to watch, so I’ll assist you a bit… Hokuto-kun.

I can call you Hokuto-kun, right? If I call you Hidaka-kun, I’ll get reminded of Hidaka-sensei and end up feeling unsettled!

Well, no matter what your opinion is! I’ll do as I like! Ahaha☆

Translation: kotofucius
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