Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Exchange 1
Location: In Front of the Station
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

Phew~ We played a lot.

Things got a little too heated… We’ll have to head to Yumenosaki Academy once we’re done resting, or we won’t make it to afternoon practice.

But I think I’m relieved, being able to get absorbed in games like that for the first in a while… Continuously pressing buttons without much thought has some kind of calming effect, don’t you think?

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki CG
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

Fufu. Anzu-chan—Sazanami-kun too… I bought some popsicles from the convenience store over there, so have some if you’d like.

Come on, I got various kinds here. They’re all the type that can be split into two, so we can enjoy different flavors by sharing them between the three of us.

Here, Anzu-chan. For you~ It’s thanks for buying my drinks back then♪

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

Ah~ Sorry for all the trouble… I’ll pay you back for the popsicles.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

Oh no, it’s okay, don’t mind it. It’s not like they cost a fortune anyway.

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

But still, I prefer to keep money-related matters clear. And in the end, I couldn’t win against you in any game, Yuuki-san…

Isn’t it natural for the loser to foot the bill?

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

Ahaha, but it’s not like we were betting on anything. Think of it as my thanks for playing with me, and let me treat you♪

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

But~ Ugh~… Guess being stubborn here won’t be any help. Any longer and it’ll melt, so I’ll just thankfully take a bite, okay~?

Yuuki-san, you’re pushier than I thought.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

You think so? You’re more of a good boy than I thought too.

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

Good boy, he says… Well, our place is strict when it comes to superior-subordinate relationship, y’see. Gotta maintain my manners or I’ll attract unwanted attention and get flattened to the ground.

So it makes me happy that I could loosen up and play around today for the first in a long time… Uh, I’m sorry I got all antagonistic back there.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

It’s fine. True that it was scary at first, how you’d horn in on any game machine I chose and kept picking a fight…

But that gave me the chance to enjoy the PvP type games I tend to avoid.

In the end, I won everything, though. Wasn’t it boring for you, Sazanami-kun, since you kept losing?

You’re our guest we invited for Summer Live, after all… Should I have played at a beginner level, or something?

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

Nah, I’m grateful you took it seriously. To tell you the truth, I was told to playtest that fighting game we played at the start.

But I don’t usually play games… I can’t spot mistakes, and my review’s just gonna sound like a total amateur’s…

It was a lot of help you covered that for me, Yuuki-san.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

Ahaha. I’m happy to be of help, then. But why were you asked to playtest, anyway?

Supposedly, that fighting game was developed by someone who used to be a Yumenosaki student, you know…?

Were you involved in some way, or rather, had some connection on that side?

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

Ah~ So you couldn’t tell. That game’s theme song was sung by Eden.

Following that, advertising is sort of included in the contract, too.

So the staff told us to try out the game if we have time and put up a review on our social media or something.

Just as an extra service that doesn’t warrant being called work.

Either way, that’s still an important detail. Obviously we can’t write up a review without playing the game first—and that’s rude to them, anyway.

So well, I wanted to try it out with my own hands.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

I know what you mean. That’s wonderful of you, Sazanami-kun… But still, that’s amazing. So you guys sing theme songs for games too? Woow, you’re like a real idol♪

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

You’re an idol too, you know.

Well, Yumenosaki Academy kinda seems to raise artists whose activity centers on live concerts, which means the type of job you take probably differs from us who do multimedia.

Though, we shouldn’t keep chatting like this… We can’t afford to be late to practice, so let’s get a move.

I came from outside, so I’m not familiar with the area… If it’s okay with you, could you show me the way to Yumenosaki Academy?

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

Of course. It must be some kind of fortune that we met up, so let’s go together♪

You’re fine with it too, aren’t you, Anzu-chan? There’s still some time, so we could drop by somewhere if you’d like; maybe you’d like to buy something before we go?

Maybe we should get a little gift for the guests, after all?

Some famous local product as a souvenir to be brought home…?

It’s my first time with this type of situation, so I don’t know about the common practice.

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

Ah, don’t mind us. Even if you give us something, we don’t know what to do; it’ll just add onto our luggage~

And it feels like bribe, which isn’t very comfortable~… Unless that’s what you’re shooting for?

I only know the rumors, but word is that Yumenosaki Academy’s rapidly festering.

Heard they’re having their way with the industry through methods that don’t involve the students’ skills as idols.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render

No no, that’s a misunderstanding! It's true that it got into a somewhat unfortunate shape in the past, but we’ve gotten back on our feet lately!

(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami Full Render

Heh… Then why not prove that?

Talking is easy. But you guys are lacking too many things for me to just nod and take your word~

For the time being, I’ll respect you and be a good boy, but…

We still don’t view you as work partners of equal standing, you know~?

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