Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Cheers 8
Location: Summer Live Stage
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
We’re still lacking, and maybe this live will end in our total defeat…

But by SS, I know Trickstar can grow to be good enough to win against you.

Led by a bait, we fell right into a trap—but we’ll feast on that bait and grow stronger, and destroy that trap to slip away.

And we’ll bite back at you while you’re celebrating the capture of your prey.

If you have enough free time to worry over us hating you, you might as well use it to strengthen your guard.

We ambushed on unguarded opponents so often it’s getting to be like our style, but…

That sort of underhanded tactic isn’t like protagonists at all—so we want to win against you guys fair and square.

I’ll work hard for that to happen, too. …Oh wait, I ended up rambling even though you told me not to talk to you…

Fufu. Maybe I’m still immature and unseemly compared to the rest of Trickstar…

I ended up making a desperate rebuttal out of my frustration at falling into your trap.

Even in the internet, that’s against the manners, so I must look even more unbecoming in reality… don’t I?

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
…No. Thanks to your thorough explanation, I feel a lot lighter, y’know?

Hmm… so that’s the sort of idols you guys are?

It was worth it taking that far trip under blazin’ heat, then. It’s looking to be surprisingly hard to prey on you guys and stuff you into our belly.

Well, not that we mind, since that makes things more fun. If we keep messing with easy hunts, our fangs will dull.

OK—so you’re not our prey, but our enemy.

Guess we’ve got to pull ourselves together, so we won’t have the tables turned on us~…

And we’ll keep a check on your activities from now on; prove to us that you’re not all talk.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Sure! I’ll do my best so my words won’t end as mere excuse.

Myself aside, the other members of Trickstar are amazing people.

They’ll definitely cause many miracles and triumph over you guys one day.

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
Haha. This is no time to talk about one day, right? We’re holding a live right now, present continuous tense…

Focus, alright? If you slack, I’ll kick you out of the stage.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Whoa—hey, don’t lightly kick my backside like that… You’re so violent, sheesh.
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
(Fufu. It’s rare to see Yuuki chatting up a member of another unit.

He’s usually so reserved and distant.

Putting aside the times Sena-senpai zealously pursued him and he ran away—he’d fundamentally hide behind our backs.

He has little self-esteem, always thinking how to not be a hindrance… He’d have his hands full just trying to chase after us, but…

You’ve matured, Yuuki. No—maybe that’s what you were really like.

You were always watching us at the back, and that’s why you’re the one who understands Trickstar the best out of anyone….

And you’re the one who holds Trickstar dear the most.

When someone makes fun of Trickstar, you’ll prepare a rebuttal by recounting one-two hundreds of our good points.

That disband mess before DDD was the same; unlike me, you never faltered. This is the final place you’ve arrived at after running away from everything, after all.

You have no choice but to live on here. That’s why you’re holding fast to it.

I need to learn from your example. Maybe I won’t be a great artist whose name remains in history, like my father and mother…

But beyond my fateful encounter with you guys, I was able to become Trickstar.

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka CG2
(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
Even if I can’t become anything else, I’m the luckiest man on earth to have become Trickstar. I believe that, and I’ll prove that as I live on in this place.

If you guys are with me, I’ll never be lost anymore.)


Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Aha♪ You Trickstar really are interesting!

You’re like the steel that turns stronger and harder as it’s beat—even better, like the gemstones that only become more solid as they’re hardened! What a fine weather!

I can see why Eichi-kun took a liking to you; you’re so surprisingly tenacious!

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
…Don’t pat my head in the middle of the live, Tomoe-senpai.
Hiyori Tomoe Summer Live Dialogue Render
Sorry, it’s inevitable to want to caress beautiful things… Also, maybe you’ve gotten tired or what, but you were hanging your head down.

Raise your head, look at the audience, and spread to them your love.

Fufu. When it comes to beautiful, inviolable things like you guys, I wish I could keep you close to adore you anytime, but…

Unfortunately, we’re fated to collide with each other in SS.

There’s no choice but to keep fighting, until one of us is exhausted of every ounce of strength! Aah, how tragic!

Even though living inside the perpetual paradise an omnipotent God ruled would’ve given you more safety and bliss!

But you’ve set yourselves on a journey. Because you’re neither omnipotent nor eternal—you’re all humans who must live on by discarding old things for the new.

Even so! It’s just natural for the sun and the gods to be worshiped! But a human who achieves idolization in spite of being a non-deity, a mortal—is much more exceptional, miraculous, and beautiful!

Idols! Aah, how precious…☆

I’m glad there are more idols like me, more idols I can approve of!

There was meaning in leaving that tranquil paradise to drop by here! Ahaha♪

It’s such a hot day it’s giving me a migraine, even so— I’m fine thank you…☆


Translation: kotofucius
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