Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Cheers 7
Location: Summer Live Stage
Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
So, well… it was fun how peaceful things were this time around.

Ohii-san said he’s come to like you guys… and I think he’s being honest.

That guy just blurts out whatever he thinks, after all; he’s an idiot.

He does plot schemes and lay down traps, but at the core he’s a pure princess, like his nickname suggests.

So when I imagine him getting despised and ignored by even you guys, whom he’s got a little fond of… it kinda upsets me, you know.

And of course, I’m just as sad that we have to do this.

Well, at the same time, I think it’s a huge fricking hassle to have to comfort Ohii-san when he mopes over getting hated, like he always does.

But that’s nothing we can do about. Ohii-san’s just reaping what he’s sown, and I’ve gotten used to tagging along that personality of him.

So I won’t mind if you despise us, but…

How come that you look like you’re having fun…?

At least you should understand that you’ve fallen into our trap… so how come you’re wearing such a satisfied look on you?

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Fufu. It doesn’t feel right for me to speak for Trickstar, but…

No one in Trickstar thinks they’re being tricked.

Our goal was never in winning or losing.

We weren’t interested… in whether Eve or Trickstar become the star of the Summer Live.

Until recently, we were nobodies who didn’t catch anyone’s eyes. But now, we’re allowed to sing and dance with all we have in front of so many people.

That’s enough to make us happy. Isn’t it funny? We walked right into a trap…

…and yet, we’re feasting on the bait you used to lead us to that trap like it’s the yummiest thing♪

Thanks to your scheme, more people than planned came to see us.

It’s true that after completing the assignments Tomoe-senpai gave us, we’ve become dyed in Eve’s style…

We’ve been reduced into unnoticeable gears to decorate your stage.

But you know—we also learned new skills thanks to you guys.

I think everyone’s thinking the same thing: that they’re in luck. That’s the Trickstar I love.

(Hardship and Enjoyment) Mao Isara Full Render Bloomed
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Look at him, Sazanami-kun. Isara-kun would usually have a stressful time worrying over us who’d run off as we like—maintaining the balance and stuff.

But thanks to Eve completely setting the table and overlooking the balance this time… He could perform with freedom, not having to concern himself with anything.

It’s when he’s set loose like that, Isara-kun can show off his true charms.

Isara-kun was always so thoughtful of his surroundings… but right now, he’s using all that energy he usually spends on other people for himself.

When he can release all his strengths unrestricted, Isara-kun shines the brightest out of anyone.

He becomes the best type of idol—who enchants the audience like casting magic.

(Special Task) Subaru Akehoshi Full Render Bloomed
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Look, even Akehoshi-kun! Usually, his own extraordinary talents would be out of his hands, that he ends up misspending it, but…

This time, you guys laid the path for him.

Every time, all Akehoshi-kun could do was unleash the immense, solar-like fervor inside him without aim, but…

You got him a steel gun that lets him focus all that energy to the right direction.

That’s something we still couldn’t prepare for him. If I say this, I guess everyone would get angry at me for being self-abasing, but…

Akehoshi-kun would always split up his heat to pull along me, his hindrance excuse of a comrade.

Right now though, all of that heat… is concentrated into his gun, converted into firepower to be set loose towards the audience.

No one would return alive. Akehoshi-kun would set their mind ablaze that they become his prisoner—all of them.

(Summer Stage) Hokuto Hidaka Full Render Bloomed
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Look, look. Hidaka-kun isn’t much different.

Being left with the role of a leader which he isn’t used to, he’s been acting a little tense… but then you guys appear before him as enemy.

By the appearance of a foreign enemy, his objective becomes visible, and Hidaka-kun discards his knotty line of thought in favor of a simpler one.

I think winning against you guys is all that’s left in his head right now.

Well, since Summer Live will be monopolized by you guys by the end of it…

It means we’ll lose, so I think Hidaka-kun will be discontented.

Even so, he won’t hate you or condemn you for it. He’d say it’s because he didn’t work hard enough—he’d get all fired up and swear that he’ll win next time…

And he’ll be polishing his skills and improving with each day that comes.

By SS, he’ll have transformed into a superman beyond your control.

We do tend to take detours; but with our defeat this time, we should have found the path we must advance on and shortened the distance, all at once.

They got their hands on experiences that are hard to come by, and they’ll grow a lot from it.

I also got to harden my resolve, thanks to Tomoe-senpai threatening to kick me out of the stage if I’d refused to be the center and catch the audience’s attention.

Everyone in Trickstar is too nice to say something like that for me.

It’s because you guys are foreign enemies that you’d point a blade at my throat and threaten a coward like me.

I’m actually pretty good at putting my life at stake. I’ve chickened out for a while—but it might be worth trying to revive my past self…

…even if it was a sad and painful past I hated and ran away from.

But if that’s my weapon, if it can help everyone in Trickstar shine even brighter, then I want to restore it and show I can control it.

I won’t run away from myself anymore.

I know I can’t. Because even if I put up a scared act and cling onto you—you guys, our enemies who came from outside, won’t be merciful, right?

If there’s no escape, then the only choice left for me is to harden my resolve.

Translation: kotofucius
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