Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
(Summer Contact) Jun Sazanami CG2
Location: Summer Live Stage
Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
(…Old man. We’re achieving glory through the same deceitful traps and schemes that killed you as an idol.

I won’t become a loser like you.

Say, would you be impressed? Or would you scorn me, yell that’s not how idols are supposed to act?

That innocently bestowing dreams and smiles upon everyone is what being an idol means?

Sorry, but I’m nowhere as virtuous as you.

If being virtuous means getting lost in self-satisfaction while piling loss after loss, letting yourself get buried away until you vanish… then I choose to bathe in mud and scars for my survival.

And I’ll sing in your place, even if I’ll have to spew out blood…!)


(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
…Eve is so amazing.
Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
Uh, excuse me? I told you not to talk to me in the middle of the live.
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Ah, sorry. It’s common in Yumenosaki Academy to do that. But I know it’s not good to force our common sense on people from other schools, like you guys.

But I like this, you know? Whispering between comrades, communicating as we give rise to a shining thing…

All alone, I can search through the optimal answer in my head and follow it through, and I’ll still receive high evaluation for my work, but…

I prefer to advance while motivating and supporting each other.

Because doing that makes me feel alive so much, much more.

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
…I thought you were someone who holds professionalism in higher regard.

You’d normally look absentminded, but you faded into role the moment you stood on stage.

I thought in Trickstar, you were the closest type to us.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Yep. So I can tell what you’re doing.

It’s so amazing… I’m impressed, really. You set up the trap from such an early stage.

From the moment you and I met at the arcade, your plans were already set in motion.

At present, the game that you sung the opening theme for as Eden is released to the public. Riding the waves, you did some advertising.

By working together with the game company, you commenced your promotion strategies. Giving out fliers that can be used for discount to the people who played the game, for one.

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
…You noticed?
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Yep. Actually, it was spreading on the internet, so I noticed immediately.
Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
What we did doesn’t affect you badly in any way, does it?

Thanks to our advertising, lots of people came to the live. We’re shouldering the cost for that advertisement, too.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
Yeah. That’s where you’re shrewd… The people who came thanks to your ad are of course Eden fans.

You timed your advertisement to match the release of the game Eden was involved in, after all.

In other words, they’re your audience. Eden is the parent unit to Eve—or more like, you’re practically one and the same.

That new game is released all over the country. People from many different places gathered here for you.

Eden is the most powerful unit in our age group; you must have incredible number of fans.

Even just half of Eden, just Eve, should have more fame and popularity than we Trickstar do.

Thanks to your fans… especially your hardcore fans, who took the trouble to ride the train from other nooks of the country to come here…

The Summer Live’s venues are filled, as you can see now.

As a result, we’ve lost our advantage. Despite getting all arrogant and bragging that it’s our home base…

The ones who gathered here ended up being your fans—it’s completely become your domain.

You meddled with the content of our lessons through those ‘assignments’ too…

You’ve twisted even our performance to go along with Eve’s style.

We thought we were fighting as Trickstar in our territory… but from the side, Summer Live would completely look like Eve’s show.

It’s been dyed in your color. All the audience, too, are engrossed in you, not us.

I can surmise that much just by seeing the movement of their eyes and how they react.

…Total defeat, huh? In terms of business strategy, we’re completely falling behind you.

Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
Would you please not ramble on about difficult things? I’m an uneducated punk, as you can see…

So, despite knowing all that, why do you choose to keep performing without a word of complaint?

You’ve got all the right to get angry. In Reimei Academy, most of the guys who experienced this flared up saying they’d never partner up with us anymore.

So we’re practically the despicable bad guys, y’know.

People who’re waiting for the chance to strangle us in our sleep come in swarms.

We’ve done things that incurred their wrath, after all. Well, it seems to be divine providence that devil’s children have the devil’s luck.

Translation: kotofucius
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