Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Summer Live Cheers 5
Location: Summer Live Stage
Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render

(Hmm~… What a letdown. It seems none of them has taken notice of the ‘trap’ we set.

Anyone would be shaken when they realize they’ve been played. From the looks of it, there’s no disturbance in Trickstar’s performance.

In fact, I think they’re… heating up and shedding more radiance? They keep accelerating, that it feels like I’m the one who might be get rid of if I don’t focus.

Is it because they’re oblivious fools, that they can recklessly charge ahead? No, that’s not what it seems like…

If fools are all they are, they should have burnt out from the frictional heat like the rocks that blasted through the atmosphere.

They should have been reduced to tiny lights to decorate us Eve, then vanished. I’ve seen so many of such idols in Reimei Academy.

So what makes Trickstar different from them?)

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
What’s wrong, Sazanami-kun? Have you gotten a little tired?
Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
…Yuuki-san, we shouldn’t be talking in the middle of the live. Especially since you’re the center of this group of three.

The audience’s gazes are on you.

If you fail to focus and make a blunder, you’ll cause trouble for me too, who has been put in the same group as you.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
R-Right. I’m sorry. But it should be okay.

I’m not good at being stared, but…

I know this is where I should swallow down my personal fears and phobias even if it means pushing myself past my limits.

(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki CG2
(Summer Step) Makoto Yuuki Full Render Bloomed
I’ll accomplish the role given to me, as a professional.


Jun Sazanami Summer Live Dialogue Render
(Hu~h, Yuuki-san… He seems to have practiced the tricks to an eye-catching performance, just like Ohii-san instructed him to.

He even used a slightly sexy technique—sending a flying kiss—to lure the audience’s gazes.

Guess it’s all about experience. Right, he’s a former model, wasn’t he?

In preparation for the Summer Live, Ohii-san gave each Trickstar member an instruction.

Or more like assignments? He gave each of them a problem, demanding to see what they would achieve.

If they couldn’t finish their assignment, he wouldn’t accept them as work partners of equal standing—

He wouldn’t stand on stage. That’s the condition he gave, not much different from a threat.

There’s no going against his selfishness. I think just by exchanging words for a bit, they grasped what Ohii-san’s like.

That person would sulk if his demands aren’t met. He’ll boycott the stage without much thought.

In other words, they sensed the possibility Eve wouldn’t participate in Summer Live if they didn’t move as he said.

And as a joint live, as a job, that would mean failure.

This is a concert Yumenosaki oversees, after all; it’ll be on them if their guest star were to stomp out in anger.

So they had no choice but to obey. That’s how Ohii-san made sure his selfishness is answered.

He’s the worst work partner you can ask for, and I always sympathize with the other party, but…

You’ll be capable of feats if you listen to what Ohii-san says.

Even that person isn’t a scatterbrain who runs his mouth with nonsense—he may have severe personality problem, but as an idol, he’s a genius.

If you strive to solve the assignments he gave you, you’ll learn many skills on the way.

You’ll feel yourself improving. I’ve been thoroughly trained by him, too.

And those benefits you gain, they prevent you from doubting that it’s a trap. Waving a delicious-looking bait in front of the opponent to lead them into a trap is our usual practice.

Yes, you are indeed something else, Trickstar.

Having accomplished your assignments and broke out of your shells… perhaps you’ll become even better, worthier idols.

But those skills and tricks you learned from finishing your assignments were things Ohii-san bestowed upon you.

They’re only any useful when you play by Eve’s, and not Trickstar’s, rules.

The difficulty and orientation of the Summer Live’s stage demand that you make the best use out of your recently-acquired skills to complete it.

You have no choice but fight with the weapons Ohii-san gave you.

And on that weapon you hold—that flag you carry—shines Eve’s coat of arms.

Without realizing, you’ve been invaded, quelled, and reduced to mere accessories that adorn us.

Don’t you find it strange at all? The Summer Live stage is close to Yumenosaki Accademy. It’s supposed to be your home base, right?

And yet, since a while ago, the audience’s cheers… are all directed for us.

You’ve been made the extra before you know it.

That’s how we devised this stage to go. The star of Summer Live isn’t you Trickstar.

It’s not even a joint live; we, Eve, are monopolizing it.

If you fail to notice our deception before everything ends… you’ll really end as mere feed for us.)

Translation: kotofucius
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