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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Summer Live Stage
Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render.png
Young Miss Anzu, it seems you were not asked to produce for Summer Live.

But let me inquire you, then: who was looking after Trickstar?

Perhaps the teachers or the student council would come to mind. But tell me, what did they contribute when Trickstar achieved their miraculous revolution?

How well did they manage to make those children shine?

The student council was even their enemy; do you assume their defeat automatically means friendship?

Well, perhaps that tendency is common in boys—even so, does that change that they were once enemies, that they are independent outsiders?

Do you really believe those people know how to treasure Trickstar more than you do?

Would they really produce Trickstar into splendid, full-fledged idols befitting of the big stage that is SS?

Of course, you are still inexperienced as a producer.

And yes, that is inevitable, as you are an amateur who did not even know the first thing about idols until this spring.

However—just how long do you plan to stay an amateur?

You recently led the Tanabata Festival into great success; have you not started to garner much esteem as a producer?

You were sought after by many different idols and units, were you not?

So did that leave you so busy you couldn’t produce for Trickstar… for the Summer Live?

Of course, humans have limit. When we try out all sorts of different things, we end up with half-hearted results in everything.

Even so, you are not a stranger to Trickstar.

Did you ask?

Did you ask if you couldn’t be the one to produce for Summer Live? Did you ask who would be guiding Trickstar in your place?

And did you not think it frustrating that you weren’t chosen? Felt that you were supposed to be the one who could make Trickstar shine the brightest?

…Did those thoughts not cross your mind, even a little bit?

Did you perhaps think Trickstar would be all right without you?

That on the contrary, if an amateur like you were to impetuously poke her nose, it would blemish their glory?

If you are so self-deprecating that you’d undervalue yourself so much, then there is no saving it—

Unfortunately, you will never become a real producer.

A producer is the number one fan of the idols they work with; it’s someone who treasures those idols more than anyone in the world.

It means being their guardian, like a mother figure; being their closest friend, who they can divulge anything to; being their superior and coworker, who would lead their work to success… No, not only that—it means being the sun that gently watches over them.

Young lady, tell me. Weren’t you Trickstar’s sun?

Of course, Trickstar are talented idols. They can ignite light with their own power.

But they’re tiny baby stars… each one of them still so easily affected, swayed by their surrounding gravities.

They need something to act as their gravity at the pivot, so they would not be led astray. You were supposed to become that for them… young lady.

The world is vast; there are many schools for raising idols outside of Yumenosaki Academy. There are enough idols in this cosmos as there are stars.

But if it is Trickstar, if the four of them would gather and bring out the brilliance in them to the utmost…

They should become the first magnitude star to adorn the vast night sky. You should already know that, right?

You witnessed their miracle from the VIP seat, from the closest spot.

You should have taken responsibility for them to the end and produced them.

The person who first discovers a star gives it a name, and that name would last for eternity.

Who was it who discovered Trickstar, young lady?

Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render.png
Fufu. Take what he’s saying to heart, Anzu-chan. It’s rare of him to directly give someone such a harsh scolding.

He’s so kind, after all—despite being a demon.

That wasn’t even a scolding; he was practically praising you. So you should let that truth sink deeply into you.

But let me say this, Sakuma… kun. Not everyone is as clever as you.

I don’t think Anzu-chan truly comprehends what you’ve been saying.

So let me add to his words. Ordinary people require elucidation, you see.

Trickstar is at the center of this, so I think they’ve begun to take in the severity of the situation.

Perhaps you can’t understand just by looking from the side… and that lack of understanding is your sin, Anzu-chan♪

Now, take a good look. Your beloved Trickstar is being gobbled up by someone else’s immense brilliance…

Let’s see, will they be able to slip away?

Because they are light… I’m sure escaping from a light far more immense than they have, is more grueling than escaping from darkness.

I’ll watch expectantly, for I believe you guys are capable of it. Do your best, children who bear the name of stars♪

Rei Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render.png
Hmm… When you are around, Tenshouin-kun, you would say the cool-sounding lines that would normally be mine… It is nice as it lets me take a back seat, but it’s also somewhat vexing.
Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render.png
Give me that much, for once. Your position as someone who says cryptic, deep-sounding lines was always so attractive and a cause for envy for me… you know?
Translation: kotofucius
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